Writing articles online will help your memory and cognitive abilities

Writing articles online will help your memory and cognitive abilities

Back when I was in high school and college, I was a spectacular athlete, and I’m not afraid to say it now. At the time, he might not have been inappropriate, since he would have shown an inflated ego, but he was pretty good. After I retired, I tried something new, something that wasn’t very good; writing. Do you know what I noticed after writing for seven years? I’ve realized that writing has changed the way my brain is formatted, even though I’m still good at the same things I was before, I now have a new set of skills.

I am impressed by how my memory and cognitive abilities have improved. You may not think that writing articles online isn’t going to help your brain work better, but as a case study, or human guinea pig in this case, it has certainly helped me. No, I don’t come from a genetically inferior family when it comes to brainpower, but something clicked along the way. The closest I can imagine is that by preparing articles online and creating new content, I have forced myself to keep a better memory and recall things from the past, events and experiences to put into articles.

There is something else, and I read it a long time ago by a very famous writer, but I didn’t realize what he meant until now. He said; “some people think to write, and others write to think”, and you know what, he’s right. Writing will actually help you think, because it makes you think while you write.

Putting thoughts into words is very difficult. The mind thinks in three dimensions, as is our life experience, but transferring that into the right words from an ever-expanding mental dictionary, and typing it out on a 2-D plane from a keyboard, or using speech recognition software requires much more cognitive approach.

Am I suggesting that? “The more you write, the smarter you get”, well I guess it depends on what you’re writing, and reading some of the social media tweets, maybe not so much. But if you’re writing online articles about a topic you’re passionate about, believe in, and have a lot of experience in, you’re going to have to push the boundaries of your knowledge and skills to get there.

The more you press, the more you will stretch your writing ability and thought process. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that writing articles online will not only help you with your memory but also give you a huge boost in cognitive abilities. In fact, I hope you will please consider all this and think about it.

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