A Beginner’s Guide to Cosmic Ordering
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A Beginner’s Guide to Cosmic Ordering

Cosmic order involves the belief that one can align with the universe for the purpose of fulfilling one’s life desires. This concept can be difficult to grasp at first, but the main idea is simply that the universe is capable of understanding and providing what is asked of it. This guide to cosmic ordination will help you grasp the essence of the act of cosmic ordination.

New age theorists believe that our entire reality is controlled by electromagnetic vibrations. They theorize that our emotions emit magnetic charges while our thoughts produce electrical charges, which can now be measured in a laboratory. These experts believe that the signals created by our thoughts and emotions can be tuned to the electromagnetic signals of the universe to manifest all that is desired from life.

The main requirement for the cosmic order is to clarify what it is that you really want. Whether it’s a luxury car, an exotic vacation, a career advancement, or any other similar desire, you need to be clearheaded, passionate, and enthusiastic about what you want to achieve.

Once you have refined and clarified your desires, the success of the cosmic order depends largely on your ability to use your imagination. You have to believe that you already have what you want and allow all the corresponding thoughts and emotions to flow vividly and freely from you as if they were ultimately true. This is not too complicated to do once you try it and you can feel the joy that your imagination is able to simulate when you take control.

Now there are two theories regarding ordering the universe to manifest your desires for you. The first method, favored by experts who practice harnessing the law of attraction, involves constantly imagining one’s desires until they are propelled into their reality.

Cosmic ordering experts believe otherwise; they theorize that once your imagination implants a deep sense of satisfaction that you already have what you want, you can forget it by placing it before the universe, or in other words, leaving it in the hands of the universe. For those who follow this cosmic order guide, a series of synchronized coincidences will eventually manifest their desires into some form of reality.

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