A first Caesar for Émilie Dequenne

VSOmtesse, Mormon feminist, infanticide mother or housekeeper, Émilie Dequenne can play it all. We discovered her with rubber boots hitting the world at the Dardenne brothers (Rosetta). We saw her brunette then blonde at Lucas Belvaux (Not his type, Chez nous). At Albert Dupontel’s, she is the wife of the broken-mouthed soldier of Goodbye up there. It is contemporary and from another time. She can work her body in amazing ways. She muscled up for the title role of The RER girl, by André Téchiné, for example. No character seems to scare him. In Emmanuel Mouret’s film, The things we say, the things we do, it has a secondary role but not trivial. In a few scenes, she brings to life in an incredible way this wife deceived by her husband and who invents a subterfuge so that he does not feel guilty for leaving her, transforming for the cause into a luminous lover. She offers a stunning physical transformation.

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