A gigantic owl sows terror in Flanders: it attacks ducks, dogs and cats (PHOTO)

For several weeks now, a eagle owl has taken up residence in a district of Erpe-Mere, in East Flanders. Magnificent, the bird initially impressed the locals, but soon became aggressive. “In our region, we are already deploring a duck killed with pecks, the night attack on a henhouse and the destruction of the inflatable children’s pool,” said a resident, in comments reported by Het Laatste Nieuws. ‘afraid of nothing, “he adds, confirming the words of a local nurseryman:” I saw the animal in the middle of the road. I wanted to film it. I expected him to run away when he saw me, but instead he turned to me and spread his wings. It was frankly impressive. ”The owl may also be responsible for injuries inflicted on a local cat a few weeks ago.

This kind of bird has rarely been seen in East Flanders before that. The eagle owl lives more, here, in the Ardennes and in some areas of Limburg. The one who sows terror in Erpe-Mere may have been a bird that must have escaped from a kennel, because it seems to have a ring on its leg.

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