A wolf seen in the middle of the day on the Courchevel slopes?

The containment and, in this case, the closure of ski slopes, appear to have positive consequences for the environment.

Since a good part of the globe has been confined, nature seems to be taking back its rights all over the world. This makes it possible to attend several unusual scenes with animals which most often live in hiding but which now offer walks in spaces previously reserved for humans.

The author of a video posted on Twitter indicates that he is busy filming a rather particular scene in the ski resort of Courchevel since the latter would have managed to film for 9 seconds a wolf frolicking on the slopes.

Is it really a wolf or rather a fox or even a dog? Impossible to define on this short extract which animal it is. What we can observe is the happiness of an animal in the middle of the day when, in normal times, this place would be taken by storm by lovers of skiing.

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