Collateral effect of the coronavirus: ducks, goats and elephants now roam the streets, all around the planet (VIDEO)

The animals, sometimes wild, take advantage of the confinement caused by the coronavirus to grab a public space where they were not used to inviting themselves until then.

Sea birds returning to the creeks of Cassis, bottlenose dolphins close to the Mediterranean coasts, Kashmiri goats in the middle of the street in Wales to the deer and elephants that roam the Indian roads: all over the planet, now half-confined, we are witnessing a resurgence of wildlife. Animals are reclaiming part of the public space, deserted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Even the ducks, in Paris, are surprised to browse much further than their usual quays of the Seine, to trudge in the streets, usually so borrowed, of the City of Light … Surprising images, to discover above, in video.

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