Adjustable Dumbbells – Pros and Cons
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Adjustable Dumbbells – Pros and Cons

Dumbbell workouts are highly effective, highly efficient, and extremely convenient. Nowadays there are new shapes of dumbbells that have been designed while the old school shape of bells also exists. These new dumbbell systems allow you to set the weight you want, then take the weight off the rack and start your workout. This system can provide many benefits. But at the same time, don’t discount traditional dumbbells.

Here are the pros and cons:

Adjustable Dumbbells – PROS –

– They save a lot of space. All you need space-wise is an area for the rack system itself, which isn’t that big. You won’t have any dishes lying around to clean up after the wards.

– They save time. Normally with the dumbbells at home you have to change the discs according to each new exercise you do. With adjustable dumbbells, the change is much simpler and faster.

– Decently done. Something surprising is that these systems are made quite well. They’re not as flimsy as some cheap infomercial exercise products.

Adjustable Dumbbells – CONS –

– They are quite expensive. The rationale is, of course, that you’re getting an entire rack of dumbbells in one go and it may actually be cheaper. You might buy one dumbbell at a time, but if you just get two dumbbells and a bunch of loose weights to fit your needs, it’s probably a lot cheaper. You are basically paying for comfort.

– They are limited in weight. Some of these dumbbell systems only go to 45 or 50 pounds, which is very limited for many athletes or even home-trainers interested in building muscle. For women’s fitness, youth training, and senior training, that’s probably enough, but everyone else will likely reach a point where they need heavier weights. However, there are other, more expensive systems that have higher weight gains available.

– They’re not old school. Dumbbell training is an old school workout and it’s great to use old school dumbbells (even if it’s just the handles with plate weights attached). These are the dumbbells that have been giving people results for many, many years. Its proven to be effective. While the new adjustable variety is likely to be effective, if you’re nostalgic for old-school training, the adjustables may not excite or motivate you too much. And motivation and enthusiasm are key elements to a successful workout.

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