Agfa charges more expensive raw materials in prices

The imaging specialist says expensive raw materials make price increases of 5 to 10 percent inevitable.

Against this background, imaging specialist Agfa-Gevaert announces

to increase prices for its offset plates by 5 to 10 percent from April 1. An offset plate is a thin aluminum plate to which an image is applied using photographic techniques. The parts of the plate without an image repel ink, the others do not, allowing the image to be printed.

Agfa says that the costs for aluminum have risen sharply, but also those for energy, packaging material and freight rates. It is no longer possible to absorb those price increases by further cutting costs yourself, Agfa says, which means that customers will have to pay more.

In part, those customers will be able to compensate because they usually recycle their aluminum offset plates. That too is now happening at higher prices.

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