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„Snapper Rocks Blau metallic“ – klingt nicht nur gut, sieht auch so aus: der BMW M235i.

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Sistrans – Half of four is two. Just divide, right? The fact that BMW is able to defy the trivial fundamentals of mathematics, however, proves its 2 Series: Because driving fun, premium feeling and optics are by no means half as big as in the 4 Series, which we appreciate in the report above on a winter test drive.

The fact that the concept of the four-door coupé works, be it as an alternative to the classic sedan shape or simply as an automotive delicacy for design enthusiasts, is already skillfully proven by the 8 and 4 Series.

In late summer, it was the then quite new little brother who, after the market launch in March, made his rounds in the TT fleet through the summer heat in and around the state capital. The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé definitely makes it hot, there is something for the eyes as well as for the gas-loving right foot.

This is particularly evident at the upper end of the model portfolio: the M235i comes with a 306 hp machine, standard xDrive all-wheel drive, mechanical differential lock, sports steering and brakes, and an 8-speed sports transmission. The checksum? A lot of driving fun. It clearly differentiates itself from other compact athletes, at the latest when the start of the race with smoking tires is dared via launch control. Motorsport is in Bavaria’s DNA, especially when the M leads the model name.

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But the M is also easy to integrate into a perfectly decent and summery, relaxed everyday life. The chic design alone, the modern coupé look with frameless doors, the characteristic and discreetly proportioned kidney grille on the front (the high-gloss black surround, a smart detail for connoisseurs), the sporty angled LED headlights with the four distinctive eyes, the window line the side – the sum of the impressions fits.

Practical detail: Despite the sleek silhouette, the second row of seats offers enough space, the headroom fits, the heads of passengers are spared.

The cost including extras is a good 70,000 euros. That’s bullshit math again. And the chic Bayern Coupé does not escape this reality. (gz)

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