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Bpost wants to get rid of stamps in Belgian francs

Stamps with a value in Belgian francs or euros may no longer be valid from 2023. Some philately stores still offer the stamps as a cheaper alternative to the regular stamps. But if it depends on Bpost, that practice will come to an end.

The time discovered that a new royal decree is in the making on this. Postal and telecom regulator BIPT is currently organizing a public consultation on the unlimited validity of the stamps. Minister Petra De Sutter (Groen) wants the stamps to be no longer valid from 2023.

Bpost’s argument is that the old stamps cannot be checked by machine, unlike the new stamps, which only contain a number that indicates for which type of letter the stamp is valid. Other countries have already banned the stamps in old currencies, it also sounds. Bpost spokeswoman Veerle Van Mierlo tells De Tijd that there is still enough time until 2023 to use up the old stamps. Old stamps cannot be exchanged for new stamps or for money.


In the philately circuit, there are still many unused stamps with a value in francs or euros in circulation. Many people used to buy them as a collector. But due to a lack of new collectors, most stamps are now actually not even worth the issue price.

As a result, some past collectors or their heirs sell large quantities of stamps to shops who have found a new business model in them. They stick old stamps together on one strip with a value of 44 francs, converted to the current value of a non-prior stamp. They offer them for a lower price, often around 0.8 euros. This allows senders to save on their postage costs.

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