Buying a ladder for a weekend project is a doddle or so you thought – My Adventures

Buying a ladder for a weekend project is a doddle or so you thought – My Adventures

Buying a ladder for a weekend project is very easy. leave the coffee pot

us. Go to the nearest hardware store. Get a ladder that fits

the height required for the job. Load the ladder in the back.

of the SUV. Back home.


My local hardware store has a courtesy questionnaire that you

must complete before you can purchase a ladder. then there is the

release form if you don’t see the security video.

“What is this?” I asked the employee. Looks like my local hardware

the store owner had been sued on two separate occasions for selling

unsafe equipment. This owner was taking no chances on the customer

injuries come back to haunt him.

There may be some support for your requirement. More than 160,000 people

are injured in ladder-related injuries each year. If you do not know

how to choose a ladder for work or try to use a ladder

that is not safety inspected, the chances of injury are high.

I signed all the forms and sat down to watch a thirty minute video.

titled “Stair Safety”. The video was not interesting but the

The silly things people do on the stairs made me laugh.

Then I saw a video clip that applied to me. The person was in a

ladder cleaning gutters. Suddenly, the extension ladder collapsed.

The video showed the ambulance. The person in the video couldn’t

activate the locks on your extension ladder.

The employee paused the video to remind the group “Do not USE


bored owners watching this video). All we needed was the

employee to comment. But we had to listen to everything because

We wanted our stairs. The employee reminded us of basic safety

important. “If you are working outside during a thunderstorm,

get off a metal ladder.” Store the metal ladder in your garage.

Do not leave a metal ladder leaning against your house for a


We all chuckled and thought “DUH!”.

The clerk returned the video. There on the screen we saw

three electrical incidents involving metal ladders. I thought

everyone knew that metal stairs conduct electricity.

So stay away from power lines and lightning bolts and get out of the rain. Not everyone knows this, so I paid more attention. I was glad

to find out that I could buy a ladder made of fiberglass.

The secretary showed us how to check the maximum load of a ladder. When you check the maximum weight that the ladder supports

you must add your weight plus any materials you are carrying

Climb the ladder. No way. I will only buy a high load weight for

my ladder because I don’t ask any of the females in my house

to calculate your weight plus anything.

Fortunately for the hardware store I finished with all the

Requirements to push a ladder. he knew he needed

select the right ladder for the right job. the store had

A large selection of stairs made of various types of material.

They also stocked various styles of ladders.

Unfortunately for me, I needed to purchase multiple ladders.

to meet the requirements of the jobs he did around the house.

I chose my stairs carefully. I didn’t want a ladder made of

metal for obvious reasons For mundane outdoor work,

the metal ladder was the least expensive.

The clerk then pointed out that the cheap metal ladder

did not have anti-slip material on the bottom

I had to spend additional money to get that feature.

Since stairs are so common, we tend to use a ladder

for granted. We forget about the dangers associated with this

household tool. Being safe on a ladder is so important

how to be safe in your home or car.

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