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Cannabis relieves symptoms of Lyme disease!

Living in rural areas where there are tall grass and bushes everywhere, lies a creature that can make you seriously ill from its bite. There are many different species of ticks, but only a few can infect us with a deadly virus. “Ticks are arthropods, like spiders. There are more than 800 species of ticks around the world.” It is true that they are uncontrollable and can become attached to anyone of any age. Unfortunately, there is little you can do about the number of them in your surrounding yards and woods. They can travel with many different animals like; dogs, cats, cattle, raccoons, rabbits, and humans. They are attracted to the dark and warm spots on the body that are barely visible to the human eye, which makes them even more difficult to detect. I think everyone could agree that a bug that clings to your skin without your knowledge is quite creepy and terrifying. I’m sure we all remember a moment or another child or adult, discovering one stuck to us. “Ticks are the main carriers (vectors) of diseases for humans in the United States, second only to mosquitoes worldwide.” That’s an astonishing comparison statement, considering that the West Nile virus is to blame for so many lives lost over the years. Along with other life-threatening diseases, the mosquito carrier also poses a great threat. In schools across the country, health classes teach children proper behavior to prevent deer tick bites. There are known precautions that can be taken to prevent biting, such as; long sleeves, jeans, boots, long socks and checking yourself, together with the children, after being in the garden, on the lawn or anywhere they may live. Quickly remove the tick with tweezers, making sure to remove all the legs from the skin, wrap it in aluminum foil and take it to your doctor to remove it as a tick with Lyme disease or not. Untreated deer tick bites show a red ring as a target around the bite surface area, resulting in “Lyme Disease” or “Lyme Borreliosis”. This is serious business, resulting in so much pain that you can end up in a wheelchair or even bed for days. It takes away the pleasant aspects of life and can make your daily routine miserable. We all know that being in severe pain is no laughing matter, and being constantly nauseous is a burden on itself. This is what this disease places in your body, sucking up precious time from your life, also from your mind.

Many doctors treat this disease with a regimen of antibiotics. This is the effective way to cure this disease. Although antibiotics can cause stomach upset, severely affecting appetite. Which can result in weight loss as the disease progresses. Headaches come and go and can include horrible migraines. They can be so unforgiving and punishable that they affect you every time. Regular sleep patterns will be constantly disrupted, leading to chronic fatigue and disrupting the circadian rhythm. Sharp and brutal pains that run all the way to the temples and cause pain in the forehead and eyes. Stiff neck, back, legs, and joints can make you feel helpless, tired, and irritable. Lyme disease can come and go, but for some it doesn’t go away. In the most severe cases, this is classified as “Chronic Lyme Disease” and people get it constantly, not in bouts. Many people with Lyme disease may not think that cannabis could be one of the most affective long-term medications to help relieve symptoms. Cannabis is a safer and more calming medicine that can eliminate pain in all its forms. From a medical point of view, cannabis can be used for many reasons. Combat joint pain and pain throughout the body. The stronger the strain, the more powerful the medication. This could be the answer to questions about cannabis as an alternative medicine for people with “Lyme disease” who are looking for other, more natural healing methods. Cannabis can provide the energy needed to get through tough days when symptoms are high. During the night you can make going to bed and falling asleep a pleasant occasion, rather than an eerily frustrating one. After a great night’s sleep, you might wake up feeling refreshed instead of sore and tired. In the morning, cannabis is an amazing way to help loosen up the joints and stiffness from the nights before going round and round. The unfortunate early dawns when you woke up sick and tired could really be a thing of the past. Ingesting cannabis will make your appetite stronger, providing much-needed nutrition. Walking instead of limping around the house brings pleasant mornings. Also for non-smokers you can have a tasty, powerful and original edible medicine of your choice.

Ask your doctor or medical cannabis physician for their opinions. This could be a breaking point in your life, helping you to dissipate most of the symptoms of Lyme disease. If all other pain relief methods become useless, cannabis could officially help you. As a general, Lyme disease really shows neither mercy nor surrender; It’s time to show him who will be the last one standing. See additional articles in The Cannabis Times.

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