Collective agreements – dispute over additional KV for employees in pharmacies

The GPA union criticizes the pharmacists’ association, the representation of the self-employed pharmacists: They refuse to sign an additional corona collective agreement for around 11,000 pharmaceutical and commercial assistants and for 6,100 employed pharmacists. In response to an APA request, the pharmacists’ association rejects the criticism that negotiations would continue and that a solution could be found soon.

“It is incomprehensible that it should not be possible, of all places, in the sensitive area of ​​pharmacies to guarantee protective measures for employees that are covered by collective agreements,” says the GPA’s KV negotiator, Sandra Breiteneder, with astonishment. Norbert Valecka from the Association of Employed Pharmacists (VAAÖ), who negotiates the collective agreement with the GPA, is also pushing for the protection of pharmacy employees.

Apothekerverband sees an early solution

The pharmacists’ association, on the other hand, sees a solution soon, as there have been several discussions this week. A proposed solution has been announced for next week. “We are therefore more than astonished at the current approach of VAAÖ and GPA. Our concern is to come to a workable solution for both sides – we could decide on one as early as next week. Medial cross-cuts are not helpful here, however. So hope we mean that VAAÖ and GPA will find their way back to a transparent and constructive path – in the interests of the entire pharmacist community “, Georg Fischill, negotiator on the part of the pharmacists’ association, calls for a dialogue.

The planned additional collective agreement is based on the general collective agreement concluded between the ÖGB and the Chamber of Commerce for the commercial sector. According to the GPA, the KV provides clear rules for dealing with the Covid protective measures. For example, employees would be paid off from work for the duration of the testing and should not be dismissed, terminated or otherwise disadvantaged because of the use of the SARS-CoV-2 test or a vaccination, in particular with regard to pay, promotion opportunities and transfer. The same should apply if the test result is positive. If a protective mask is permanently worn, the KV provides that after three hours, the mask must be removed for ten minutes. (apa)

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