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Ingo Schulze receives the Prize of the Literature Houses 2021

Ingo Schulze receives this year’s “Prize of the Literature Houses”, which is awarded annually by the network of German-language literature houses. Schulze succeeds Marlene Streeruwitz, who was happy about the award last year. The award has been given to authors since 2002 for “outstanding text quality in connection with remarkable appearances”. The award is linked to a reading tour through the literary houses of the network and 20,000 euros.

The award winner Ingo Schulze in 2017

SN / APA (S. Fischer Verlag) / Gaby Ger

The award winner Ingo Schulze in 2017

Since Ingo Schulze published his first book “33 Moments of Happiness” in 1995, the Dresden native has quickly established himself as an expert on the era of the GDR, the time of reunification and the period after the reunification. His central works include “Simple Stories” (1998), “Neue Leben” (2005) or “Peter Holtz. His happy life tells of himself” (2017). Most recently, last year, his novel “Die Rechtsschaffenen Mörder” (2020) appeared, with which the writer was also nominated for the Leipzig Book Fair Prize.


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