diary of my favorite movies
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diary of my favorite movies

The movies – what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! I love going to the movies. When I thought about why I long to go to the movies, I realized that it was like a meditation for me. The only thing that was on my mind was what was in front of me on the screen. I am in the moment when I am in a movie.

Do you remember the movie “Harold and Maude”? Although this was decades ago, I remember it well. I started crying during the movie and didn’t stop until late that night. This movie brought me so many feelings. I identified with Harold. I identified with Maude. I identified with what made each of them different from most people, yet so similar to each other.

Movies are a wonderful vehicle from which we can learn and feel. We can see more about ourselves and the world around us through movies. We can consider how we might handle the same situations we just saw in a movie. What we would have done differently, and done the same.

A great way to enhance your movie experience is to keep a “Favorite Movies” journal. You can use a blank book, one you use only for your favorite movies, or add your favorite movies to your existing journal entries. Write down the title of the movie, the date you saw it, and who you went with. You can even stick your ticket stub in your journal next to the title. Write in a journal if you connected with the characters, what you learned and took away from each one, and what your feelings were.

Movies entertain us, but they can also teach us. What did you learn about yourself? Others? The world?

Have you heard a memorable phrase, like: “I’ll be back” from the movie “Terminator” with Arnold Schwartzenegger or “God put you in my path” from the movie “The Four Feathers”?

Was there a memorable scene? Did it move you? Because?

Would you rewrite the ending? If so, why and what would it be?

When you keep a journal of your favorite movies, your movie experience can continue long after the popcorn is gone and the lights come back on.

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