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Across the country, the term “Discount Real Estate Brokers” is quickly becoming one of the most discussed topics in the real estate industry.

Many home sellers are learning that they no longer have to pay the high cost of a 6% sales commission. This fast-growing and upcoming trend has created multiple low-cost listing programs, along with more and more discount real estate brokers offering to save you money on the sale of your property. New companies and multiple websites are springing up across the country simply because property owners who want to list and sell their home and save money now demand flat fee listings or discounted commissions.

Before choosing a discount real estate broker; It is important to understand that not everyone is the same. There are at least two main differences between a flat rate quote and a so-called commission-free quote. One is whether they provide a full or limited service; and the other is if they are companies with authorized brokers or if they have hourly employees.

Unfortunately, many home sellers are learning that you simply don’t get much more than you pay for. Too often, if you’re paying a discounted listing fee, you may also get less than you deserve from those companies that only provide you with limited service and may also have unlicensed employees who attend to most of the details. It is important that you, as a home seller, fully understand the difference between “discount brokers.”

Many real estate agents who advertise themselves this way; fit a profile commonly associated with less than comprehensive real estate services. They typically order your listing for a very low fee that is paid upfront online before you meet someone face to face, if ever. This type of flat fee MLS listing only covers very little of traditional real estate agent services. In general, you are basically paying for someone to list your home for sale on your local MLS and you will be on your own when you handle all the other tasks necessary to protect her interest during the multi-level home selling process.

You may realize that the flat listing fee of $300-$500 seems to save you money; you end up feeling overcharged when the listing expires and your home hasn’t sold. All real estate agents are regulated by a board of real estate agents in their specific area and pay an annual fee that covers the ability to post listings on the local MLS. It doesn’t cost them a dime more to post their listings on national MLS platforms; like, Trulia and Zillow. Listings are automatically submitted to national internet platforms within 24 hours of being submitted by the agent to your local MLS. These large local or internet companies may even go as far as providing you with a sign and lock box; but for the most part, their small fee covers only this minimal amount of service. In the long run, even just over a few hundred dollars can seem expensive when you realize that it really takes a full service and not just an MLS listing to successfully sell your home.

For example, your home viewing should be handled by a reputable company with a professional scheduling service so that anyone wanting to enter your home is not only monitored to ensure a safe viewing of your property, but also performed. follow up for necessary feedback. You may have to do the screening work yourself, as well as handle all the difficult negotiations, proper legal paperwork, and more.

These are just a few of the things that can be a little tricky at best for someone with no home selling experience and would require more one-on-one attention from an experienced licensed broker. There are many reasons why you want a full service real estate professional for a low flat fee; unless you are an experienced for-sale owner (FSBO); It is highly recommended that you stay away from discount real estate brokers who offer limited service that puts you in pretty much the same position.

In some states, limited-service flat-rate MLS listings are prohibited by law. In Colorado, when a real estate broker enters into a listing transaction with a seller; They must provide a complete service. Despite this regulation, there are brokers who do business this way. You may have to ask yourself why you would want to entrust your hard-earned capital to someone who is unwilling to follow the regulations of the very license you own.

There are a lot of what seem to be great deals in terms of what you are being asked to pay to sell your house; But paying less does not necessarily guarantee that you will keep more of your equity or that you will reach your goal of a successful sale.

Then there are the licensed professional real estate agents with years of experience who also advertise themselves as discount real estate brokers; because they are willing to take less so you can keep more. They also offer a flat rate schedule; however, there is no discount when it comes to the full traditional real estate services they provide. They understand that you don’t have to compromise by giving up the kind of real estate service you really need to save a dollar.

These discount real estate agents are educating the public on how and why flat rate listing fees and fees originated; and how you can save thousands and still get comprehensive services. They offer to do all the work for less simply because they know that your workload has decreased due to modern technology. Technology saves them a ton of work-related costs, and they’re willing to pass those savings on to you.

Flat rate listings, or flat fees, discount realtors are a direct result of this convenience-providing technology that has revolutionized the way everyone can sell or even buy a home. Sellers, buyers and especially real estate agents have benefited from modern technology that combines the availability of multiple devices and digital platforms to quickly access the internet and those they do business with, making connection and communication more quick and easy than in the past.

Real estate agents simply no longer have to spend the same amount of time as they did in the past to sell a home. What good is it for an agent to take days to achieve it? such as the hand delivery of offers and the communication of counter-offer negotiations, usually take weeks; Not to mention the hard costs before a meeting of minds was achieved to put a house under contract. This type of activity is now done in hours or days without anyone having to leave the comfort of their home.

You better research which discount real estate brokers are the pros saving you thousands while providing full service and which are not. Choose your discount real estate broker, flat fee listing agent or flat fee company wisely; Don’t be fooled by a small fee to sell your home.

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