European champion Elise Vanderelst makes a remarkable return to her MOHA athletics club in Mons

Beautiful people were present this Wednesday evening at the MOHA (Mons Obourg Hainaut Athletics) to congratulate Elise Vanderelst, gold medalist in the 1500 meters at the Euro indoor athletics, on her return to her training club. Become a real idol, Elise Vandereslt was notably welcomed by the Mayor of Mons, Nicolas Martin, quite proud of the exploits of the young Mons girl. “Elise is a real source of pride for all the people of Mons, we can only congratulate her on this superb performance “, he exclaimed.

This recent victory in Tosun, Poland, is truly the fruit of the young athlete’s hard work. “I train seven to ten times a week “, explains Elise Vanderelst. “Sport really made me realize that to achieve your goals, you have to do things thoroughly, no matter what the sacrifices it entails. This victory in Torun is therefore the culmination of many years of hard work. “

On the strength of her recent gold medal, Elise is taking advantage of her last days off to meet new obligations. “Since my victory, I have received many requests from the media “, she asserts. “I am therefore taking advantage of my two weeks of rest to take the time to answer them. Starting Monday, I’ll put it all aside to focus only on my next goals. “

Its future objectives are not the least since the Olympic Games in Tokyo are in the sights of the Montoise. “Now that I have really achieved what I have accomplished, I am focusing on my next goals “, she confirms. “Participation in the Tokyo Olympics is my main goal at the moment. If I get my place to go, I will do anything to repeat my good performance from Torun. “

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