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Experience cultural heritage in Austria!

With the UNESCO Summer Academy “World Heritage Austria” on an interdisciplinary expedition to Graz, Vienna, Salzburg.

Graz (OTS) Graz – Vienna – Salzburg

From July 1 to July 15, 2021, students of all disciplines have the opportunity to gain extensive and practical insight into important cultural heritage sites in Austria. In the “World Heritage Austria” summer academy (UNESCO Summer School), the three UNESCO World Heritage sites Graz, Vienna and Salzburg as well as other selected cultural and natural heritage sites are visited and put up for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary discussion on site.
The summer academy can be counted as a course. The management is based at the University of Education in Styria, which enjoys the status of a UNESCO university.

Nominated for Ars Docendi

UNESCO promotes international cooperation in education, science, culture and communication. The aim is to help maintain peace and security. Austria is one of almost 200 member states of UNESCO. The summer academy “World Heritage Austria” (UNESCO Summer School) is based on the goals of UNESCO and is being held for the 6th time this year. In the previous year, the World Heritage Summer Academy Austria was nominated for the Ars Docendi, the state award for excellent teaching. The concept of the event is based on a network that is constantly being evaluated and further developed.

From the old town of Graz to the Wachau wine region

A fourteen-day excursion with a varied program awaits the participants in the Summer Academy, which begins in Graz, leads to Semmering, continues in Vienna, touches the Wachau and ends in Salzburg. The students take a critical look “behind the scenes” of institutions, museums and companies and explore the locations on tours and special tours. Central issues of social developments that are related to the preservation of cultural assets are discussed. Didactically, new paths are explored in that the focus is primarily on sensual experience and experience. The project approach is interdisciplinary: The humanities, empirical cultural studies (European ethnology, folklore, archeology, art history) or architecture and spatial planning contribute to the gain of knowledge, as do the social sciences. The students come from different disciplines at home and abroad. The summer school cooperates with Wikipedia and Wikiversity Austria and supports the open data and open access movement and thus free knowledge

Historic cities and urban modernity

In the context of the term “cultural heritage”, the summer academy also addresses the field of conflict that opens up for the cultural industry through the instrumentalization of cultural heritage. Political aspects also influence the reflections. The contrast between tradition and modernity has to be politically renegotiated with every urban development plan. The dispute between preservers and innovators also includes tourism. In this discussion, historical cityscapes form, as it were, the antithesis of the modern city.

The Summer Academy World Heritage Austria is headed by Dr. Eva Klein from the Pedagogical University of Styria. The PH Styria was accepted into the Associated School Network of UNESCO in 2018. The PH Styria was the first UNESO university in Austria. With this admission, UNESCO has recognized the commitment of the PH Styria in the areas of inclusion and diversity, human rights education and global citizenship education as well as environmental education in the training, further and advanced training of pedagogues in Austria.

The participants can have the Summer Academy World Heritage Austria recognized as a course (6 ECTS points). At the end, a written thesis must be submitted. In addition, the students receive a scholarship.

Event date: July 1 to July 15, 2021

Registrations with a letter of motivation can be sent to the head of the summer academy, Dr. Eva Klein, to be judged.


Inquiries & contact:

Günter Encic
Pedagogical University of Styria
University College of Teacher Education Styria
Hasnerplatz 12, 8010 Graz, Austria
mobile: +43 (0) 660/4543999

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