Facebook Facts: 42 Interesting Facts About Facebook

42 interesting facts about Facebook

1. Do you know that more than 600,000 hackers come to Facebook every day?

2. You can change your language on Facebook to “Pirate”.

3. You may not know that you can play games on FB Messenger, to do this, open a conversation on Facebook Messenger and type @fbchess play to start a game of chess with a friend.

4. Do you know that whatever status box in FB you type is sent to the Facebook server, whether you send that post or not?

5. Do you know that there is a function on Facebook that will manage the FB account even after death?

6. This thing will laugh at you, in 2014 a thief in Minnesota went to the house to rob and forgot to log out of his FB account on that home PC and got caught.

7. The Facebook “Like” button used to be the “Awesome” button. Source

8. FB loses almost $ 25,000 for every minute it goes down. Source

9. In 2005, MySpace was in talks to buy FB, but rejected Mark Zuckerberg’s asking price of $ 75 million as too expensive.

10. I am unaware of this fact that FB alone is estimated to spend more than $ 30 million on its hosting.

11. Did you know that the first face on Facebook was “Al Pacino”?

12. FB founder Mark Zuckerberg donated $ 1 billion to charities in 2013, making him the largest charitable donor in the US.

13. When Zuckerberg created FB in 2004, he bragged that people trusted his site with personal information. “Damn fools” he called them.

14. The weeks before Christmas is the most popular time for couples to break up, according to data analyzed by FB.

15. There are about 30 million deaths on Facebook.

16. Do you know that Facebook has 8.7% false users or accounts?

Facebook has 8.7% fake users or accounts

17. Do you know how many new “likes” every minute that is created on Facebook? G. 1.8 million new “likes” are made.

New daily likes

18. You must be surprised to hear that in 2011, most of the words in the divorce were on Facebook.

19. In China, Facebook, Twitter and The New York Times were blocked in 2009. Source

locked in 2009

20. Those who have a smartphone open more than 14 times a day in one day.

21. Facebook earns an average of US $ 5.85 for every US user. Source

22. You will be surprised to learn that in Britain, a woman was sentenced to 20 months in prison for creating fake Facebook profiles to send abusive messages to herself.

23. Facebook users have an average of 3.74 degrees of separation.

24. Facebook tracks which site you visit, even AFTER you have logged out.

25. The average Facebook user in the United States spends 40 minutes a day on the site.

26. Do you know why the color of Facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg did not see the colors red and green and also said it in an interview?

27. In 2006, a man hacked Facebook and got a job as his name was Chris Putnam.

28. In Iceland, Facebook was used more and they used it to draft their constitution. They were legally known by the opinion of the people.

29. Steve Chen is the same person who invented YouTube and Steve Chen used to downsize Facebook before and quit his job at Facebook and started his own startup.

30. You can’t block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.

31. A study from Western University shows that 88 percent of Facebook users are former colleagues.

32. Facebook was created to display blank text programs, but not to share photos, Sean Parker told Mark Zuckerberg to share photos.

33. Do you know that Facebook Direct cannot call Google because Microsoft made a large investment in Facebook if they had to do any contract or work or any transaction, they would first contact Microsoft and then Google?

34. Facebook’s name wasn’t Facebook, it was Facebook, and it was created by Mark Zuckerberg as a college project.

35. Do you know that burger was a company owned by a person who said that if you check out your friend on your Facebook then you get free burger?

36. A Google programmer won the first annual Facebook Hacker Cup coding challenge. He showed up at Facebook headquarters to collect his award with his Google employee badge.

37. Mark Zuckerberg receives a salary of $ 1 as CEO of Facebook.

38. Facebook offers 4-month vacations to the worker in the company but if they become parents.

39. You should be surprised to learn that one gram of DNA in our body can store all the data on Facebook and Google.

40. FB co-founder Eduardo Saverin renounced his US citizenship to avoid paying $ 700 million in taxes.

41. FB runs on 61 million lines of code. That’s more than double the amount needed for an F-35 fighter jet.

42. A ten-year-old receives a $ 10,000 reward for finding an Instagram bug.

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