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Five Tours in Austin, Texas That Will Get You Out of the City

At first, the idea of ​​Austin, Texas tours mostly sounds like something very “touristy” that wouldn’t apply to Austin, Texas residents at all. After all, if you make your living in the capital city of Texas, you imagine that you see what is necessary for your life. You know where to get groceries, where you work, and some places where you relax. You are part of the famous Texas Hill Country, and an afternoon trip will take you to some of the coolest small towns Texas has to offer.

If you have a family, you are also familiar with certain schools and places like parks and museums. There is certainly nothing that a tour of the city you live in can teach you about said city, right?

Wrong! Stop living in a bubble and realize that there is much more to Austin, Texas than you might have thought. Also, don’t just free yourself from the city bubble. There is so much to see outside the city limits, and the last thing you want to do is have a bad case of FOMO (fear of missing something) because you feel comfortable. The reason Austin has embraced the “Keep Austin Weird” mantra is because there is a ridiculously large amount of culture, history, and diversity in the city. From cool to eclectic and everything in between, you can certainly learn a lot about this central Texas city and beyond.

If you are looking for tours in Austin, Texas that are so Austin and to get a taste of the world on the outskirts of the city, you should check out these tours:

BBQ at Lockhart – Austin tends to be spoiled with Franklin, a trip to Lockhart is a right-of-way for barbecue lovers. Get it right by calling Smitty’s, Kruez, and Black’s on the same day.

History of San Antonio and Texas – “Remember the Alamo!” Although it can be jarring to see the site of El Alamo in the bustling metropolitan city of San Antonio, it still serves as one of the essential parts of the state’s path to independence.

Swimming holes – It’s hot in Texas, and that means checking out some old-fashioned swimming holes. You can go fancy and try Schlitterbahn, or keep it natural and inspiring by going to Krause Springs & Hamilton Pool.

Check out the arts in Wimberley – Austin is artsy, but it’s also a bit crowded. A short drive to Wimberley will give the art lover in you really a taste of a burgeoning art scene that is still laid-back.

Distillery & Brewery Tours in Dripping Springs – With as many claims to fame as Dripping Springs, they are now making a mark in the beer, wine and spirits market, and pride themselves on the small batch process to craft their great offerings.

Sure, the idea of ​​an Austin resident embarking on any number of Austin, Texas tours may seem a bit strange and surreal, but you might be pleasantly surprised at how much you can learn. Also, it can be the perfect kick for you to explore what the city has to offer and what other gems you can discover outside the city limits.

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