Food and Digestion: The Reason You Should NEVER Drink Cold Drinks
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Food and Digestion: The Reason You Should NEVER Drink Cold Drinks

Do you drink ice water… or do you drink straight from the fridge?

There is a saying in Chinese medicine that says: “Above all, protect your digestion.” By “digestion,” they mean the processing of both FOOD and LIQUID.

Think about this…

If you are not processing food properly, you are not converting food into BLOOD and ENERGY (“Qi” as the Chinese call it) for your organs to function properly, so your organs are literally “fatigued” and unable to do their job well.

Your heart can not function. Your lungs can’t work. Your kidneys, bladder, liver, gallbladder, stomach, and intestines are all “tired” and unable to do their jobs.

And you immune system it does not have the energy to protect you from cancer, colds, flu, radiation, etc.

And those are just the problems of not processing food. If you are not processing fluids properly…

…fluid accumulates in your tissues (Chinese medicine calls this condition “Dampness”).

This fluid finally frozenand it develops into a condition called “Phlegm” (this includes, but is not the same, having phlegm or mucus).

This “phlegm” leads to obesity, depression, UTIs, dementia, seizures, cysts and tumors, sinus headaches, allergies, all respiratory problems including sinusitis, asthma, COPD, and many other problems.

In addition… food and liquid processing includes elimination… so you will have constipation, diarrhea and urination problems.


If you look through my website you will see that

all the diseases listed there have improper diet as one of the main causes of that condition.

In some cases, the problems come directly from the food itself. But, in most cases, the problem stems from how food negatively affects your digestion, and weakened digestion leads to disease.


So how cold drinks damage its ability to process food and liquids?

Here’s a simple analogy…

When you put water on the stove, it moves faster…there is more activity.

When you put water in the freezer, decelerate (freezes)… there is less activity.

Cold decreases activity. Heat increases activity.

Chinese medicine describes the act of digestion as a warm process. Energy (and life itself) is warm. When we’re dead, we’re dead as a stone…

has shown through Thousands from years of observation in China that if we drink icy or cold liquids, we decrease our digestive activity.

Us hurt this warm digestion process (cold negates heat).

FIRST OF ALL, this causes food and liquids to digest poorly. Just like when your car can’t fully burn the fuel, food doesn’t digest properly and you’re left with a “mud(which, in Chinese medicine, is called “stagnant food“I”Phlegm“.)

That “mud” is often the main cause from problems such as a weak immune system, weight gain, fatigue, cysts, allergies, sinusitis, and certain types of headaches.

SECOND, warm up the cold fluids consume energy (heat), leaving you with a net loss of energy.

THIRD, your weakened digestion is now unable to produce good quality energy from the food you eat, leaving you with less energy for your organs to function properly…

…You have the photo? It can (and will) kill almost every disease imaginable.

What to do with this?

You could You are lucky to have a strong digestion and not feel too affected by cold drinks. Consider yourself hurt. But, if you’re already in a somewhat weakened state…

…drinking COLD beverages could be one of the “obstacles” that breaks a camel’s back. Here is my advice:

If you drink ice water with your meals, arrest.

If you drink your drinks cold from the refrigerator, stop.

Do not drink more than one cup of room temperature tea or warm water (or green tea) with your meals.

If you eat in restaurants, tell the waiter “No ice, please!”

One of the biggest offenders is the ice cold water you get at the restaurant. Right before you eat a big meal, you put out your “digestive fire” (read that as DAMAGE to your digestion) with that ice cold water. Big mistake!

Iced drinks really aren’t good for anyone. Nature did not intend for us to drink cold or frozen liquids frequently. Refrigerators and freezers are extremely recent in terms of the history of the human diet.

Not to mention, there aren’t many refrigerators in the wild!

*** Think about the implications of cold meals here too. Obviously, they are equally harmful. ***

It can take some getting used to, but drinking water that is room temperature or warmer is a good first step toward being healthier.

If you want to discover more ancient wisdom of oriental medicine, visit where I discuss little known but effective treatments that work at my own natural health clinic.

Keep it hot!

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