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Four-part “ORF III themed Monday” on “The Tricks of the Food Industry” with a new production of “Fake Food”

Also: “Fake Food”, “Packerlsuppe, Boiled Ham & Co”, “Tracking down dangerous germs” and “MERYN am Monday” on intestinal health

Vienna (OTS) Some convenience food turns out to be sham packaging on closer inspection. Fat is replaced with sugar and many supposedly Austrian foods come from all over the world. Common quality analyzes and laboratory tests are not enough to track down every vertigo. In order to keep up with the tricky food production, new processes have to be worked on constantly. The “ORF III Theme Monday” will shed light on these topics on March 22, 2021.

In the morning, “ORF III AKTUELL” (9.30 a.m.) provides a comprehensive overview of the news. The evening before, ORF III health expert Siegfried Meryn and the surgeon and bowel specialist Friedrich A. Weiser answered questions from the audience about bowel health (6.30 p.m.). Cancer Aid Austria appeals, especially in the colon cancer month of March, not to forget about preventive measures – even in times of the corona pandemic. 4,500 cases of cancer annually could be detected at an early stage by means of a colonoscopy, for example. Afterwards, at 7:00 pm, in the fifth episode of “Made in Austria”, Andreas Jäger shows how companies in this country have become “limitlessly successful”.

The “ORF III Theme Monday” starts at 8:15 pm with the documentary premiere “Fake Food – The Tricks of the Food Industry” by Stefan Wolner and Larissa Putz. The documentary reveals not only that fat is often replaced by sugar in light products, but also examines those foods that are supposed to hide the origin of their ingredients with Austrian flags and other symbols. The subsequent documentary “Fake Food – The Tricks of Food Counterfeiters” (9:05 pm) examines the latter aspect. “The tricks of the food industry” with “Packerlsuppe, Kochschinken & Co” is revealed by the former product developer Sebastian Lege in the subsequent production at 9:55 pm. At the end of the “ORF III themed Monday” at 10.45 p.m. there is a “food inspection!” Which is “on the trail of dangerous germs”. Controls are essential to ensure that food remains healthy – the film accompanies inspections in supermarkets, pubs, canteens, restaurants and snack bars.

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