How to teach sex education at home

How to teach sex education at home

In the 9 years that I have lived in the city, this is the first year that I have seen a rabbit in the neighborhood. Until this year. In the spring I saw my first. Then another one about a week later. Now I see several a day, sometimes I need to avoid hitting them when backing out of the garage. In fact, did you know that a group of rabbits is called a pack? I’ve noticed something about the bunnies. They reproduce like rabbits! And that reminds me… Have you taught your children the Facts of Life?

I asked my children what their favorite books that taught them sex education were. They both had the same answer. They both enjoyed the book “Preparing for Adolescence” by James Dobson. My husband would take a child every week for ice cream. They would discuss a small section of the book while having ice cream together. These “dad dates” became very important in our family and over the years really helped us communicate.

But teaching your kids not to breed like rabbits isn’t something you teach once. The concept of respect and marriage is something we came back to often. These are some of the other things we use.

Passport to Purity

Originally intended for spending a weekend with a tween, we had to adjust it to fit our family. We would have liked to do this curriculum the “right” way, but it just didn’t fit into our schedule. Instead, my husband taught this curriculum to my children when I was away for a homeschooling convention. I prepared all the crafts and activities ahead of time, so you didn’t have to do any planning. While I was away, he read the workbook and did all the learning activities with my children together. It was very effective!

These are important discussions to have with your teens. Don’t let these things go unsaid! Be proactive and talk to them. If you don’t talk to your teens, they’ll assume a lot of things, but they won’t really know how you feel about the issues they’re facing. Using a book can help guide your discussions. As a nurse, I know there are few things more important than these reproductive discussions. This is an important issue, and you don’t want your kids doing what the rest of the pack is doing!

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