If you have fair skin, you should play fair with skincare.
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If you have fair skin, you should play fair with skincare.

Are you one of those people who burns like a lobster every time you go to the beach? Do you compare the number of noticeable wrinkles you have with your best friend of the same age? Is it just impossible to get a beautiful bronze tan because all you do is burn?

Being a fair skinned beauty can certainly be frustrating, but it’s important to understand why fair skin behaves the way it does. Instead of wasting time wishing you had less delicate skin, take the time to learn how to make the most of your elegant exterior.

Facing the facts of light skin

There are many different skin types and issues that people have to deal with, but the common characteristics of fair skin to look out for are:

• A result of genetics
• The skin contains low levels of melanin
• It is usually very sensitive
• UV rays more easily penetrate the layers of the skin
• Skin burns easily
• Does not tan easily
• Contains less collagen
• More prone to wrinkles and fine lines
• Show signs of aging sooner
• Pores appear larger
• Blemishes are likely to appear

Pale skin may not be your ideal preference, but caring for your fair, delicate skin is much more than a matter of vanity. It is a serious health matter that, if ignored, can lead to life-threatening circumstances.

When you accept the fate of your fair skin and learn how to care for it properly, you’ll soon be the envy of all your friends, regardless of their skin type. Here are some tips to help you embrace your supple skin and emphasize your porcelain-perfect appearance.

1. Save the power. Face powder may seem healthier for your skin than foundation because it’s less likely to clog pores and look greasy. However, the powder will show up easily on fair skin, making your face look washed out and cakey. The best option is tinted moisturizer.

2. Blacker is not better. Black eyeliner and mascara are not for everyone, especially pale people. Using the brown options will complement fair skin much better. Don’t worry, the brown tones will still enhance your facial features but with a less harsh and more pleasing delivery.

3. Rock that red. If you’ve heard that you shouldn’t wear red lipstick or any other bold color, then forget what you heard. It’s just not true. Your beautiful fair skin can certainly pull off bright and bold lipstick colors as long as the rest of your makeup is toned down.

4. Charm your cheeks. Blush can work wonders on faces of all types, as long as it’s applied to the right area and in the right shade. For your fair skin, stay away from anything shimmery or shiny. The neutral shades of pink and peach may not look like anything in the case, but once you brush it onto your cheekbones, the result is a stunning shimmer effect.

5. Read and then Rejuvenate. Since fair skin is very sensitive and prone to damage, it is absolutely imperative that you start reading and understanding product labels. You’ll be surprised at what’s actually in some skin care products. Consult your dermatologist or skin care specialist to find out exactly which ingredients to look for and which to avoid. This really is one of the best things you can do for your skin.

6. Sunscreen is your sister. We already know fair skin is more likely to burn, but that doesn’t necessarily mean sun protection is being used optimally. You should protect your fair skin from UVA and UVB rays on a daily basis, not just on beach days. When you know your sun exposure will be more than usual, use an actual sunscreen instead of a sunscreen.

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