Interior Design Trends for 2012
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Interior Design Trends for 2012

A new year begins with lots of new interior design trends, and we’ve got some great tips to help you liven up an old room and give your home a new lease on life. Find comfort in your old rooms by adding some accessories that fit in with the chic trends of 2012.

70’s psychedelics

The ’70s are back (again) with a bang and groovy patterns are popping up everywhere in the world of interior design. Think bold, bright, fabulous colors (modern wallpaper, cushions with 70s prints), be careful not to overdo it, you want to achieve a contemporary 70s look rather than a bland one. Velvet sofas, shag rugs, and monochrome against bold, bright colors are perfect ways to set the 70s vibe.


Industrial furniture is one of the biggest trends of 2012 and it is present everywhere. Rustic, antique, second-hand and vintage furniture is all the rage, so hit boot sales and vintage furniture stores for a bargain and trend-setting piece. Industrial furniture includes school desks with vintage children’s inkwells, draftsmen’s drawers, and factory-style furniture. The scratched metal tables of the old maps of industrial kitchens are also key pieces of interior design this year.


Stripes can look quirky or demure, depending on where you place them. Striped wallpaper is very trendy this year, especially horizontal stripes. Try striped cushion covers if you’re not quite ready to make the move to striped wallpaper just yet.

animal prints

Animal prints have been a popular choice in recent years, particularly zebra and leopard prints, but now is the time to branch out and go for all kinds of jungle prints. Make a bold statement with a tiger print, or maybe a little giraffe?


This year’s theme is the fox, and it’s lurking everywhere: fox decorations, foxes on cushions and duvets, on lunch boxes, on bowls and plates, tea towels, and chopping boards. Pick up a clever accessory that fits in with the 2012 fox trend.

getting crafty

Home crafts have made a massive comeback in the last year or two, the recession has made us crafty, designing clothes for the home to save money, but it’s also a nice hobby to start. Instead of starting from scratch, you can add ribbons or buttons to your cushion covers for a homemade look.

All the above ideas should inspire you to add a touch of 2012 to your home, if you can’t afford to redecorate completely, you can add some accessories to give your rooms a new and more modern feel and if you can afford to decorate some rooms, be sure to use interior design software to plan first. Planning is key and will ensure you don’t have to make any modifications after or during plowing, saving you time and money. Planning your interiors in home design software is quick and easy, and changes can easily be made at the click of a button. You can enter the dimensions of your room making all measurements and furniture locations perfectly accurate. You can even select wall colors to get an idea of ​​your room’s color scheme.

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