Investment Real Estate: An Inexpensive Way to Get Started
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Investment Real Estate: An Inexpensive Way to Get Started

If you are considering getting involved in real estate investing, let me bring you some of the incredible information available in my wealth building system, Winning the Mortgage Game. In various parts of my system, I describe a strategy for getting started investing in real estate, without owning it. Also, it can be done without a lot of money up front. The method I describe is to buy mobile home notes.

A mobile home is a manufactured home that has no attached land. It can be bought and moved or purchased at a mobile home park. Now, you can buy the mortgage from a private investor, which means you have the right to collect payments from someone who owns the mobile home.
In other words, you will be the bank, the entity that holds a promissory note on a property and collects the monthly payments.

However, you are not an owner. The people who pay you actually own the property. They maintain it and fix any problems that arise. You, as the bank, have the right to foreclose if you stop paying. But, if you’ve shopped carefully, you’ll never have to worry about them not paying.

Now this is just a cursory lesson on how to own a note.

For more details on owning a mortgage and collecting payments as a way to earn money in real estate, get the Winning the Mortgage Game wealth building system.

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