Jealous of your ex’s rebound relationship?  Learn how to use it to your advantage
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Jealous of your ex’s rebound relationship? Learn how to use it to your advantage

You may think that it is impossible to get your ex back if you have found someone else. It is almost certain that she has the feeling of hopelessness and utter despondency. The pain of a broken relationship is hard to bear, especially if there is another girl on the scene. Unfortunately I have experienced this first hand so I know how you feel. But if you play your cards right and follow a few proven tips, you’ll find that there’s a chance you could be one of the 90% of people who get their ex back.

First tip: Never run before you can walk! There are proven tactics you need to learn first, and without understanding them, you could ruin your chances once and for all. Take some time to take stock of what just happened and what your true feelings are towards your ex. You have to figure out if you really love him and want him back or if you’re just jealous that he found someone else before you. If you’re going to get it back, you have to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

What is the first thing a woman usually does in cases like this? Scream, cry, yell mistreatment perhaps? Do you think this would help things? Well, I doubt I’ll shower him with love and admiration, how about you? So make sure you don’t do that, instead take some time to evaluate your actions and walk away from him if you think you might get angry or upset in his presence. Make sure you don’t face him until you’ve calmed down and can think rationally. You will still feel hurt and upset, but you need to keep a cool head if you want to have any chance of getting him back in the long run.

The next step is the most difficult; You have to let it go, at least for now. Think of this stage literally, he is a boomerang that has to go and find himself before he finds his way back to you. Of course, this is not an easy task and it will require a great amount of determination on your part to make it work, just keep thinking about the future goal and it will help. Accept that it’s over between you and allow him to move on. If your ex still has feelings for you, this will worry him. For the next few weeks, don’t resort to following him or tormenting him with text messages, instead, if you can avoid him for a while, it will be better. Most importantly, don’t let him think you’re needy, desperate, or jealous, as these are very unattractive qualities that men hate and run from. If possible, you should appear independent and mature, and this will immediately grab their attention.

Now, the next part is a bit tricky. If you have mutual friends, make sure you don’t waste time telling them what a jerk he’s been, he has to realize that you’ll get back to him right away. Whatever you do, don’t say anything about her new girlfriend, even if he has two heads and a nose ring, you’ll only make him defensive with her. Keep your opinions to yourself and bite your lip, as you could hurt your chances a lot more than you think and strengthen your relationship in the process.

The next step is where you learn to gradually build a friendship with your ex – a purely innocent friendship with no strings attached. You need him to start seeing you as a safe and best friend. Resist any urge to talk about your new girlfriend or persuade him to dump her at this stage. Once you’ve re-established a solid friendship, it’s easy to pick up the pieces once your new relationship starts to fall apart. Focus on using his listening skills during this period and make it a friendly duty for him to cry. If you can be positive, kind and supportive, this will go a long way in helping you and you will start to see what you are missing.

If you want to get your ex back, the following task is vital. Think carefully about what your ex first loved about you. You have to ask yourself: was it my appearance, my smile, or my sense of humor? Whatever it is, do you still have it? If not, you should focus on getting it back. You’re going to have to learn how to make yourself irresistible to him again. If he follows the right tips, he’ll figure out how to achieve this in no time. However, it is vital not to overdo it here. If you turn the charm on too much it will be apparent what he is trying to do and he will run a mile. Don’t flirt with him or this will cause him to distrust you and move away from him and appear extremely disrespectful of his new relationship. Be natural and genuine, and he will start to see you in a positive light again.

You may think it’s not possible to get your ex back, but by using the right procedures it’s amazing what can be accomplished. If you are absolutely sure that he is the one for you, then these methods are worth learning. If you make sure to follow the proven tips above, as well as several other secret tricks, you will soon have your ex back in your arms.

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