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Lockdown children’s rights

-Doku shows the terrifying effects of the Covid measures on children and adolescents.

Vienna (OTS) “The children have disappeared. Their laughter. Their screams. You jump in the air and conquer the world. I don’t want to believe it – that we live in a world where fear and panic have taken over the direction,” says documentary filmmaker Patricia Machart who, together with the clinical psychologist Judith Raunig, takes the point of view of the youngest people affected by lockdown for the first time in this sensitive documentary. “It is time that we no longer see this crisis solely through epidemiological-virological glasses,” says Raunig.

Virus throwing?
Despite warnings from many experts, schools were closed for months and classes only took place in distance learning. Young people were referred to as virus spreaders and repeatedly criticized in the media for their behavior. Contacts with people of the same age were prevented, as was the possibility of doing sports within clubs. However, the physician Andreas Sönnichsen states: “The measures taken with children do a lot more damage than Corona. All critics are dismissed as Covidiots, conspiracy theorists and right-wing extremists. It is an absolute exception that children get seriously ill “. The student Justin (18) in the documentary: “It’s not funny. You are in front of the screen all day. You try to get through the day somehow. And all my friends sit at home and do nothing. It looks like it will always stay that way. ”-“ I have gambled 2700 hours since the lockdown, ”has calculated Anna (19), who actually wanted to do a work and travel year in America. Now she’s sitting at home and won’t go away.

Nina Proll: “Worldview of the threat is conveyed”
Children were implicitly given the responsibility to protect their own grandparents from illness and thus suggests that they are to blame if grandpa or grandma fell ill after the visit. “This worldview of a threat is conveyed to even the youngest in kindergarten. I see that as the biggest problem ” says Nina Proll, another protagonist of the film, who as a mother questions the measures critically and complains about the lack of discourse. The psychoneuroimmunologist Christian Schubert affirmed: “I think that the dignity of the children is being taken away. The fear and panic are boosted by a Trio Infernal. For me the Trio Infernal is medicine, the media and the government.”

Bullying and “children’s block attendants”
The documentary empathetically shows the loneliness, psychological stress and traumatization of children and adolescents in lockdown. From depression, washing compulsions, wetting to bullying in children who do not wear a mask. They are placed in the far corner by teachers and “block attendants” are designated: The “child of the day” checks whether the others are wearing the mask properly. The child psychiatrist Katrin Skala: “The schools are completely on their own, the young people locked up with parents who can no longer themselves. Children now come to us with serious illnesses.” 11-year-old Cesimo, who is not allowed to wear an MNS for medical reasons, describes how he was bullied at school: “I have to drag my table and all my things into the corridor myself and all classmates have started to laugh. In the corridor, I was then also mocked by the students of the other classes. For me this is a sad feeling. I am insulted as a corona denier . I don’t even want to go to class anymore. “

Gerald Hüther: “Will children have to ask for forgiveness”
Children and young people need peer groups, the effects of the lockdown are again different for them than for adults. “What has politics or society done for this group since the beginning of the pandemic? Have they been protected? Has politics carefully weighed the benefits and harms of the measures for children and young people? No! “Says public health expert Martin Sprenger. And the neurobiologist Gerald Hüther concludes: “When it is all over, we will have to ask our children for forgiveness for what we have done to them.”

The film was made with the support of ICI – Initiative for Evidence-Based Corona Information. Since no broadcaster has been interested in the broadcast so far, the filmmakers have decided to stream the 84-minute documentary free of charge (donations are welcome).

A documentary by Patricia Marchart and Judith Raunig. 84 minutes, with: Katrin Skala, Nina Proll, Maria Rösslhumer, Christine Saahs, Corinne Eckenstein, Silvia Dovits, Alexandra Vöhringer, Laura Rösner, Gerald Hüther, Andreas Sönnichsen, Christian Schubert, Martin Sprenger, Wolfram Proksch, Christian Fiala, Reinhard Raunig- Peneder and Werner Winterstein.

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