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Make your own kitchen wall clocks

Clocks are useful in any room in the house. When used as wall decoration, they are small works of art and functional at the same time. These days, there are many styles to choose from, but one way to get truly unique clocks that totally match your kitchen is by making your own kitchen wall clocks. Here are some ideas on how you can make them using things that can be found in your home (and a clock mechanism):

Dishes can be turned into beautiful clocks; just think of all the fun designs you can find. But even a simple plate works: it becomes a modern and simple watch. All you need to do is very carefully drill a hole in the middle of the plate, then attach the clock mechanism and mount it on the wall. Or if you’re using an heirloom or plaque that you prefer not to pierce, look for a sticky clock mechanism that you can add to the front.

An old skillet, spoons, and forks can also be used to make a clock. Poke a hole in the middle of the pan. Use a strong adhesive to stick the spoons and forks in place of numbers on the pan and wait for it to dry. If the pan has a handle, just attach a nail or hook to the wall and you can easily hang it from there.

When dining out at a restaurant where you like the look of the menu, ask if you can have one and then turn it into a wall clock. All you have to do is re-drill a hole in the middle and attach the watch pieces. If you cannot hold the parts of the watch on its own, glue it to a sturdy piece of cardboard before adding the watch mechanism. Another alternative is to use an old cookbook as your watch face.

You can also take pictures of fruits, vegetables, wines and glasses, or any random objects in your kitchen and put them in photo frames and make a wall clock out of them. Or use dried flowers and modify them on a plate or pan for a country kitchen clock.

Fun bottle caps can be recycled and used as numbering for a DIY wall clock. I like to use the ones I have saved from my travels for a unique “keepsake watch”. Using an old baking sheet, plate or pan, glue each lid to represent the numbers, and drill a hole in the middle for the clock mechanism.

Not only do DIY clocks make a great wall décor, they make great conversation pieces as well. Share with your friends how you made them and let them know how easy, fun and inexpensive watchmaking can be.

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