2007 Chery Fulwin

While you don’t hear much about sports cars that are made in China, the 2007 Chery Fulwin can just change that. Although the car is still just a concept car, it is quite possible that it is the car that brings China into the reality of sports car production. This car is very light and only weighs about 2650 pounds. Combine that with a good 1.6L engine that makes 100 pound-feet of torque and you have a car that will definitely be pretty fast. The new Chery Fulwin is very different from the boxy car of the past, now featuring some smoother curves and a new design that is much more modern than before.

The 2007 Chery Fulwin was recently shown at the Beijing Auto Show and it was definitely a huge success. In fact, it was claimed that it was actually one of the most popular vehicles on display at this show. The name Fulwin actually translates to “wind cloud” and the car definitely looks like it could go like the wind. It combines very defined lines with slight curves that give it a very striking appearance. The Chery company is looking forward to this car being produced, and in the future they may even offer low-cost cars, such as the KIA, for your money.

Sporting a sporty look and two-door design, it’s no wonder the 2007 Chery Fulwin made such an impact at the Beijing Auto Show. It’s definitely a car that has great looks and Chery hopes to start producing the sports car sometime in 2008. One of the best things about this vehicle is the low price. While you get a sporty look and drive with this car, it is not too expensive and is ideal for the younger generation who wants a sports car without a high price tag.

Although other Chery designs in the past have not brought design concepts to this level, it is a breath of fresh air to look at the 2007 Chery Fulwin. The car looks very stylish and the front of the car looks light and fast. If you look towards the rear of the vehicle, it flares out a bit and has heavier lines, which can be a bit unusual for this type of car; however, it definitely works with the overall look. Some have thought that the rear of the car looked a bit heavy; however, the design of the fog lights and rear brake lights help break up the look to make it look stylish.

Chery is definitely one of the leading automakers in China, and its new concept, the 2007 Chery Fulwin definitely made an impact last year. This company has been around for quite some time, and their other car models have definitely proven successful in the past. In the future they hope to produce the new Fulwin as it appears to have been a great success. Chery hopes not only to enter the Australian market, but also wants to enter the US auto market. With a car like the Fulwin, it is definitely possible that they could enter these markets in the near future. Chery Fulwin offers a stylish and attractive design that is especially popular with young people, as well as excellent technology.

If you are looking for a nice and affordable sports car for years to come, you might consider the 2007 Chery Fulwin. It will soon be in production and this attractive new car will be available for purchase. Since it is made in China, you will probably be able to get the car for a much better price than you would pay for many of the sports cars made in America. So if you want something that is affordable but looks great, the Fulwin is a car to keep an eye on.

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