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NEOS: Full support for the Florestan initiative, constitutional lawsuit against the closure of cultural sites

Meinl-Reisinger: “Even one year after the crisis, there are no differentiated solutions for the arts and culture. Here, in particular, there are detailed security concepts.”

Vienna (OTS) NEOS chairwoman and club chairwoman Beate Meinl-Reisinger welcomes the Florestan initiative from pianist and conductor Florian Krumpöck, cultural manager Florian Dittrich, lawyer Wolfram Proksch as well as a large number of artists, cultural workers and scientists of an individual complaint to the constitutional court against the closed cultural institutions.

“One year after the pandemic, there are still no differentiated solutions possible – there is only one ‘all open’ or ‘all closed’. Detailed security concepts for art and cultural institutions and the possibility of carrying out the necessary tests through openings in the area On the other hand, no consideration will be given to further increasing the rate, “emphasizes Meinl-Reisinger and once again points out that just one year after the pandemic, a balance has to be struck between health, society and the economy.

“The way the government has dealt with fundamental rights and civil liberties in recent months has been shameful. Fundamental rights and civil liberties are not a fair-weather program to which I can only feel obliged if everything runs smoothly. With all due understanding for the need for measures: Consideration, proportionality and careful argumentation were sometimes completely lacking, “said Meinl-Reisinger. “Freedom, especially in art, is not an act of grace, but a matter of course. Restriction must not be the norm and freedom the privilege. It is time for those in power to open a new chapter in messed up corona management with just such a view of things the Florestan Initiative has full support, “concluded Meinl-Reisinger.

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