Principles of Dollhouse Interior Design for Miniature Dollhouses

Principles of Dollhouse Interior Design for Miniature Dollhouses

Although we are not specialized interior designers, we know that there are certain rules that must be followed in both life-size and miniature rooms to achieve pleasing results, these rules relate to the elements of symmetry, balance, scale, colour, texture and design. . . Each architectural period throughout history used interior design fundamentals in distinctive ways. For example, colonial houses were often small, so little attention was paid to symmetry or balance, but symmetry was often an important design feature of the larger wooden dollhouses of Georgian and Victorian houses. , which challenged the notion of regularity in their design. decorations

Scale is a design element that is very important to the miniature room crater because he or she is used to life-size scale and seeing household furnishings in proper proportion to one another. But the rules of scale and proportion sometimes have to be broken when working with miniature rooms. Scale is vital to a miniature set crafter. Because in a dollhouse, you can’t afford to miscalculate the size of the room, architectural details, furniture, and accessories all need to be in proportion to each other in relation to the size of the room itself.

We must consider the placement of larger wooden furniture. Fortunately, there are only two rules that have endured for several decades. The first is that the dining room table should be placed in the center of the dining room with the sideboard on an adjacent long wall. The dominant piece of furniture is the sofa or divan, to seat several people. A tea table in front of the sofa and a small side table next to the sofa are suitable. A second large piece of furniture, such as a wooden rocking chair, should be centered on a large wall adjacent to the sofa wall. One or two comfortable chairs and a small desk complete the living room. In a full-size bedroom, it should best be placed on the largest wall if possible. However, if the room is small like in wooden dollhouses, don’t divide it with a large bed. Other bedroom furniture is positioned, a chest of drawers, a chair leaving a lot of space.

The motifs favored in patterns during the three periods under observation. Colonial designs were few and simple, the tulip and sunflower being typical. Georgian motifs showed interest in ancient Greece, as well as the Orient and France. The Victorians took their motifs from ancient Egypt from the world they lived in and from religion, and these included fruit flowers and ecclesiastical decorations.

Finally, a word about color in wooden dollhouses is considered by many professional designers as the most important ingredient in interior design, as it is the ingredient that unifies a room or a house and gives personality to the furniture. owners. Color plays a vital role in authenticating the appearance of a dollhouse. Just as there are popular decorating colors today, so too each period has its own particular theme. The role of texture in interior design is more subtle than color, but just as important. Favorite Victorian textures were flocked wallpaper, velvet drapes with lace under the curtains, marble and bronze statues, and tightly woven rugs.

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