Profitable Blog Posts: 3 Quick Tips To Get More Profit From Your Blog Posts (The Way You Deserve)
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Profitable Blog Posts: 3 Quick Tips To Get More Profit From Your Blog Posts (The Way You Deserve)

Blogs are a great way to showcase your content to your prospects and followers, and to increase your profits. Now, if you’re one of those people who still thinks you shouldn’t try to profit from your blog, just do us both a favor, stop reading this article now, and get back to whatever it is you do on your blog.

But if you’re interested in cashing in on your blog, keep reading, because I’ve got some good stuff for you.

3 Tips for Profitable Blog Posts

Blog Post Tip #1: Forget Bad Headlines – I want to invite you to imagine something with me. Think about the most boring class you’ve ever had in school. You know the one that made you want to run for your life at the thought of sitting there for another hour.

OK, come back now (that class is over for good) and let me ask you something: Why would you ever create a blog post title that was as boring as that class?

For example, this article might have come to you with the headline “3 Important Points for Better Blogging.” And you probably wouldn’t be here reading…

Instead, the title is “Profitable Blog Posts: 3 Quick Tips to Get More Profit From Your Blog Posts (The Way You Deserve).”

That’s not by accident. Just as it is no coincidence that you are reading this article.

Blog Post Tip #2: Have fun and make it fun – Blog about things that matter to you and that you can have fun with. The more fun you have with your blog post, the more fun your reader will have.

Consider teachers at school or subsequent speakers who you really like to listen to. Don’t they have the ability to make almost any topic fun?

Why not do exactly the same with your blog? The added benefit here is that not only is it more fun, but you also make more money this way.

Blog Post Tip #3: Ask for an Action – Don’t leave your reader hanging, ask them to do something. Of course, this can be a call to action for an offer, there’s nothing wrong with that. And there’s so much more you can do. Instead of just asking them to comment (ZZZZ), ask them to take the next step to success and download something that will help them achieve their goals. Ask a question and invite their responses.

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