Small dogs are as aggressive as large ones, if not more!

Shelters are overflowing with dogs who have been abandoned by their owners because of aggressive behavior or a bite. Certain breeds are readily singled out: Malinois shepherds, American staff and pitbulls are among the ideal culprits. But little dogs are no slouch when it comes to biting. According to an INVS survey relayed by our colleagues from Parisian, the jack russell is in fact in third place in the ranking of dogs that cause the most bites. The dachshund, the cocker spaniel, the spaniel and the yorkie are also included in the classification, among more imposing dogs such as the German shepherd, the labrador, the rottweiler or the pitbull.

“I have not done a thorough study on the question but I have a hunch that the smallest dogs are the ones who bite the most. It’s just that the damage is less important than with a large dog. This is explained in particular because small dogs are more often handled, taken by hand, that their limits are sometimes less respected. Strictly speaking, some owners find it amusing to see them growlr “ , observes Gaëtan Sgualdino, president of the Louvière SPA.

While the size of the dog does not have an impact on his aggressiveness, some breeds are more likely to attack than others. “Certain breeds of dog are genetically selected for their ability to bite and hold the bite. This is the case with Malinois Shepherds. Taking these dogs into a family dog ​​is an aberration. If they are not sufficiently stimulated. frustration builds up and it often boils over. Unfortunately, pet owners are not always adequately trained to analyze their dog’s behavior, and they cannot always recognize the warning signs of an attack. And in any case, you should never leave a child alone with a dog. When a dog is brought to us at the shelter because he has bitten someone, we realize that in reality, it is often wrong. the fault of the people. Finally, it seems irrelevant to me to speak of race in relation to bites. “

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