Smart women make it easy for their ideal client to say "Yeah!"
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Smart women make it easy for their ideal client to say "Yeah!"

One of the questions women entrepreneurs often ask me is, “Joy, once I’ve built a relationship with my ideal customer, how do I get them to buy from me?” Big question!

Notice how the question was worded: “Once you’ve built the relationship…” Smart women know that the first step in marketing your business is to establish a feeling of belief and trust with your ideal customer.

When your ideal client feels ready to say, “Yes! I want to work with you!”, now is the time to have a simple and easy process for them to follow to get started with you. In today’s article, I’m going to focus on six tips and solutions that will help you attract and engage more customers if you follow these simple tips:

1. Show your expertise– Let people know that you are an expert in your industry. Share your point of view by speaking publicly, attending events, hosting free teleseminars or webinars, writing articles, and social media. This will instill trust and increase your credibility factor with your potential customer.

2. Share testimonials and case studies – Usually I don’t use the words “always” or “never”, however, in this case I will. Always ask your clients for a testimonial about their work with you and never miss the opportunity to share a case study to communicate how your service or system has transformed the lives of others. People like to read about the experiences other clients have had working with you.

3. Have clear communication – For someone to feel like they are making a good decision, they need clear communication (both verbal and written) about what they will receive when working with you. Create a simple document that shares everything that’s included in your service (don’t forget to share what’s not included as well if it doesn’t seem obvious). For example, if you don’t offer “unlimited email support,” make sure they know about it.

4.Accept multiple forms of payment – This is a solution that can increase your income overnight. When I started my business over seven years ago, I only accepted cash or check. This limited my ability to attract the number of clients that I really wanted. When I started accepting credit cards, my income and number of customers increased dramatically.

5. Create an Easy Payment Plan – Once you start accepting credit cards, you can offer payment plans for your customers and clients. This simple solution doubled my income in a short period of time. People want to work with you and gain your knowledge and experience. Make it easy and affordable for them by offering a payment plan.

6. Give them a guarantee – Consider offering a money-back guarantee for a short period of time after your purchase. This allows your new client to feel confident in making the decision to work with you, and also shows that you have integrity and believe in your service.

Once you’ve created a desire in your client to work with you, use these six simple solutions to make it easier for them to say, “Yes, I’m ready and excited to work with you!”

Everything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.

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