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Some of the reasons Xbox has remained so popular over the years

The first Xbox was released in 2001 and since then everyone has been on an Xbox gaming spree. So everyone who has an Xbox wants an Xbox 360 and everyone who has a PS2 wants a PS3. Well, very soon the Xbox 360 came out and right after the 360 ​​came out the PS3 came out. It will always be this way because Play Station is a few years ahead of Microsoft, but that is only because Microsoft creates and sells software for computers. They are way ahead if you ask me.

The Xbox is a computer unto itself, although many people don’t know it. You can take your Xbox apart and work on it yourself if you know what you’re doing. Like my friend and I, we took his Xbox apart and put a mod chip in it and then he was able to do all kinds of things with his Xbox. That’s why the Xbox 360 already comes as a modified Xbox because that’s how everyone wanted their systems to be. They want them to be where you can download a lot of songs and information. Although you can’t play Xbox Live on a regular Xbox that has been modified, you can still yell at your friends to come play.

Although at first people were not impressed by Microsoft games and systems. Shortly after hearing what was happening, they produced some of the most murderous games ever released on a gaming system. Some of those games would be Transworld surf, tony hawk, need for speed underground 2, all the rainbow 6, all the call of duty and all the ghost recons. All of those games were like games of the year for a few years. As the first Halo to come out only for Xbox it was the game of the year. So you can’t tell me that Xbox is not a good system.

In 2002, Microsoft made something for Xbox called Xbox live. That is a server or servers where you can connect and play Xbox online with a group of people and you can say whatever you want to say because you are online and nobody knows who you are. Today everyone plays on Xbox Live for 360 like Halo 3 and for Gears of War and games like that. You will never see someone playing golf online with Xbox 360. People want to shoot and kill, they want to have fun while playing video games.

Even though the Xbox was great, the Xbox 360 would soon be proprietary and everyone would hate the PS3. I think the PS3 is the worst system that Play Station has come out with. Who makes a system that cannot play normal DVDs? I mean, come on, at least get it to play both regular DVDs and Blue Ray discs. That’s not good at all when I first heard that the Play Station couldn’t play normal DVDs. I went crazy.

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