Spotify Vs Apple Music

Spotify has been an amazing app for me for years. Before downloading Spotify, you used to have to download each song file that you wanted to listen to individually. That was several years ago when iTunes was still relevant to me. Now I love the feeling of having all my high-quality songs in one area of ​​the cloud that I can download to any device I want! I play it on my TV when in the kitchen via PlayStation, where my speakers can add to my ‘bloat’ playlist and I can tackle those tough tasks. I connect my iPad to the bathroom speakers and play these playlists, as well as on my phone when I’m on the go. With Spotify, I can always pick up where I left off because everything is in the cloud. I also love that the app keeps track of listeners and artists can gain popularity with this, so I know that my listening counts for something.

Lately I have been getting notifications from Spotify telling me that I have reached the maximum download content. This has frustrated me quite a bit. I even deleted a lot of my photos to free up my cloud space, but in the end, I realized that even Spotify has a download limit. Apparently I can only download a few thousand songs. I’ve considered switching to Apple Music because it apparently includes unlimited song downloads. This is very necessary for me, because it is very difficult to erase some of my songs! Apple offers handpicked playlists and albums with the ability to play millions of songs, even offline, and it’s exactly the same price as Spotify! It would be ridiculous not to make the switch!

Music is one of my great passions. I’ve edited my playlists at least once a week for a couple of years now, and I’d love to share my findings with those looking to find new, unconventional music. Follow my Spotify playlists; I have one for pretty much any mood I may be in. Each one has around 400 songs, so there is definitely something for everyone, even your parents! I’ve found that when you’re feeling stressed or upset in any way, music is an amazing way to cheer you up. Some songs have the unwritten power to completely change your mood. Some might say that music itself is a drug!

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