Talkative parrot saves Australian from house fire

Anton Nguyen was asleep when a fire broke out at his home in Brisbane city, according to local media.

His parrot Eric then shouted “Anton! Anton!” repeatedly to warn him of the danger.

“Eric, my parrot, started screaming, so I woke up and smelled some smoke, grabbed Eric, opened the door and looked in the back of home and saw flames, ”Anton Nguyen told Nine News on Wednesday.

When they arrived there, around 2:30 am, the emergency teams discovered the man and his parrot in front of the house, which was “well engulfed” by the flames. They managed to put out the fire before it reached neighboring properties, but Anton Nguyen’s wooden house was destroyed.

“There were smoke detectors [mais] the bird sounded the alarm before they went off, “Queensland Fire and Emergency Services told ABC nationwide.

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