Tell Tale Signs He is romantically interested in you

Tell Tale Signs He is romantically interested in you

A guy may be crazy about you, but he tries to hide it by making you feel confused. The signs may already be there, but he is not yet ready to come forward and confess his feelings. Sometimes a woman can be confused whether a guy is interested in her or not, especially if he hasn’t mentioned the three magic words yet. The signs that a man is interested in you may be right in front of you, but you often don’t recognize them. Knowing what he is thinking and how he feels about you without asking him could erase all the confusion. Although every man is different, there are common signs that he is romantically interested in you. So what are the telltale signs that a guy is interested in you?

Uncontrollable physical response in your presence. Some men become anxious in the presence of the person with whom they have intense feelings. Some of the physical manifestations when one is truly conscious in the presence of the person with whom one has strong feelings are stuttering, blushing, and dilated pupils. If he doesn’t normally have these physical responses to other people, but they suddenly appear in your presence, then it’s clear that he has strong feelings for you. Those uncontrollable physical responses are signs that he is romantically interested in you.

He looks at you a lot. One of the signs that a man likes you can be seen in his eyes. His eyes can give him away. You often catch him looking at you while you’re doing something or when he thinks you’re too busy to notice him looking at you. Immediately look away or do something if you catch him staring at you. Eyes cannot lie and one of the signs that he is romantically interested in you can be seen in his eyes.

He constantly asks for you. You will soon discover that you ask people a lot about you, including your friends, neighbors, and people very close to you. For example, if you are a member of a church choir, he will go out of his way to meet a few people in your church to ask about you. He knows important details about you. He knows your birthday and even goes further to discover special events in your family like anniversaries etc. He reads all the stuff you’ve posted on Facebook and likes it, even the stuff you think most people will ignore, but he never stops liking it. If he makes an effort to find out more about you, it is one of the signs that he is romantically interested in you.

You get unexpected calls or texts from him. He unexpectedly texts just to say “Hi” that you even wonder why he’s texting you. The next time you hear that he is saying that he has gone out with his friends, you wonder why he is texting you even if he has gone out with his friends. This just shows that you are on his mind even if he is in the company of his friends.

Your compliments and suggestions are taken very seriously. If you compliment him on his new haircut, he will consider having that hairstyle whenever you like him. Even if you subconsciously say something about his weight gain, he will secretly go to the gym and try to lose those extra pounds. If you suggest that a certain color suits him, he will wear that particular color more than any other color. If your compliments and suggestions have that kind of effect on him, they are signs that he has a romantic interest in you.

He offers a helping hand. If he is preoccupied with a lot of things at school or work, he often offers to help you get things done on time. He doesn’t mind doing things that are generally considered “girl stuff” just to help you. You will notice that he likes to do things with you, even if it made him lose sleep.

Some men need the right time to introduce themselves and confess their feelings, but if you know how to recognize the signs that he’s romantically interested in you, you won’t be confused and know where to stand.

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