The basic working mechanism and the advantages of the supercharger

Do you know what a runner’s biggest dream is? It’s about driving a faster car. Keeping in mind this particular demand and aspiration of each racer, you can now find manufacturing companies that create more sophisticated cars with powerful engines.

A problem and its solution:

Although cars with more horsepower are now available for racing, there are other conditions associated with this option. Price, for example, is the main reason most people cannot fulfill their dream of driving a faster car. But, the good thing is that there are some alternatives to expensive cars. One such alternative is to convert your mediocre engine into a high-performance engine with the help of a supercharger.

Due to the price factor, you can now find several high-performance cars that use superchargers to increase power. In racing, racers are using superchargers in drag racing, where a car must accelerate in a straight line. That’s exactly the situation where the importance of low-end torque and power is emphasized.

The basic working mechanism of superchargers:

Supercharging has to do with forced induction in which more air is forced into an engine to increase power. Here, a rotating impeller is used to push additional air into the motor. The crankshaft plays an important role in the rotation of the impeller.

Today, you can choose from three basic types of superchargers: root, screw, and centrifugal. Although all of these superchargers use the same basic principle of forced induction, there is a difference in the method used for compressing air in different types.

Advantages of supercharging:

To get more horsepower, most racers opt for a supercharger or turbocharger. But these are some of the great advantages of supercharging over supercharging.

o When using a supercharger in a car, you can only witness a small loss of power. Since it is driven by the crankshaft, you may see a slight loss of efficiency only until the compressed air travels to the intake manifold.

o Superchargers can be used to see a big increase in torque and power at low RPM.

o Some people like to use the turbocharger in their cars, but superchargers are better as they do not suffer from turbo lag.

o Superchargers are perfect for those who like to go green. When you opt for a CARB approved supercharger kit, you become a sophisticated street legal power adder. Also, the supercharger kit can easily pass the emissions tests, which is quite difficult when using the turbocharger kit.

So the fact of the matter is that there are several reasons why you should go for superchargers. Only some of the benefits are mentioned above, but you can really find a lot of other benefits after installing a supercharger. But, before opting for them, keep in mind that you will have to live with excess noise and a decrease in fuel economy can also be witnessed.

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