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The Beneleague voted unanimously: the Cercle de Bruges “regrets a misleading communication”

The D1A club believes that there was no “decision on the introduction of a Beneleague”.

Ln March 16, the Pro League announced via a press release that the 25 clubs had unanimously voted for an agreement in principle for the possible achievement of a Beneleague. A vote which took place during the last GA and through which the clubs wanted to “give every chance to the eventual achievement of the Beneleague”.

However, in a press release published on Thursday, the Cercle de Bruges does not seem to be on the same wavelength and speaks of “misleading communication”.

“The Cercle de Bruges is surprised by the news of the possible introduction of a Beneleague”, we can read on the club’s website which adds that the possible introduction of this competition is presented “as a fait accompli, this which is not correct and is not acceptable either ”.

“At the General Assembly on 03/16/2021, there was no agreement or decision on the introduction of a Beneleague. However, an agreement was reached to prepare a substantive proposal on the organization of a Beneleague and present it to the General Assembly. “

The Cercle de Bruges now calls for the respect of a correct working method.

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