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The best Xbox 360 games so far – 2011

Waaow, this is one of those topics that people can look at in so many different ways, so instead of writing a list of games that I personally think are amazing, I’ll be looking for a list of games that have sold an immense number of games. times and it will tell you why you should get it.

Red dead redemption

When you’re looking to revive the old western world in a GTA jacket of sorts, Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games ever made. Packed with “quests” and side quests, Red Dead Redemption makes you live the old American days in the way you choose. Of course, there is a main story, but nobody generally cares about that and just wants to pick up a horse and fight his way across the land. Another great thing about Red Dead Redemption is that there are plenty of mini-games to play, like Texas hold em ‘, knife slapping between fingers, and much more. You will surely be entertained for a good 60 hours and you can build your own reputation (sheriff or bandit) in many of the cities you will travel to.

Halo (series)

One of the games that changed the lives of Xbox360 gamers forever is the Halo series, which is famous and is still played around the world. Halo is a game in which players take on the role of Masterchief as he attempts to stop numerous alien scum from destroying humanity. While this sounds really cool, I can’t help but say that people don’t buy Halo for the offline campaign (optional for multiplayer play) and it usually skips straight to the many online gaming options that are actually rewarding. When you are looking for a good game of zombies, CTF, Versus, King of the Hill and many other game modes, Halo is THE GAME for you.


One of the games that focuses on the combination of puzzle and comedy is Portal 2. Within Portal 2 there is a great single player campaign that will be entertaining while you play. You get this special gun to create some kind of wormholes and luckily you can create ins and outs, and from then on you have to use your brain to make sure you close the test program that has a nasty attitude (and is very cynical, for a computer program) and tends to make fun of you all the time. When you get bored playing solo, there is also a very different multiplayer cooperative campaign that will rock your world!

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

One of the games that performs the best and is definitely one of the most beautiful in the field of first and third person RPGs is Skyrim. Imagine yourself in a medieval world where wizards, knights and archers tried to keep watch from the mountain tops while trying to protect the lands and constantly fight to gain skills … Welcome to Skyrim. Skyrim is packed with quests and a pretty compelling story that will keep you entertained for at least 80 hours of gameplay, alongside the occasional dragon that comes up to try and kill you.

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