The Nutrisystem Weight Loss Secret
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The Nutrisystem Weight Loss Secret

I guess if you look at it in terms of pounds lost, smaller clothing worn, and lifestyle changes, most would consider my Nutrisystem journey a success. I have lost most of the weight I wanted to lose and have kept it off. And I’m reasonably sure I’ll be able to keep this up and keep the weight off. I also look at food in a much healthier and less obsessive way.

Then the other day a coworker asked me what my secret was. Because he knew someone else who had been on this diet who hadn’t had the same kind of lasting success. I think she suspected that she was skipping meals or that she was not adding side dishes with each meal or that she was exercising in a dangerous or unhealthy way. None of these things were true. There may be a few things that have helped contribute to my success. I’ll let you decide if you want to call them “secret” or not. But, I will share them in the next article.

Is “Glycemic Index Friendly” the Nutrisystem Secret?: Most experts will tell you that this diet is primarily effective because the ratio of carbs, calories, and protein in the food you are given is such that it encourages ketosis. This causes your body to burn more fat for fuel since it doesn’t have free rein on continuous carbs (which you’ve probably been providing previously).

Now, I will certainly admit that this certainly helps. I mean fewer calories and more calories burned or expended is pretty cool and I know this works. But adding a little extra fat burning can only help, and can sometimes deliver better and faster results. This is always good because it is the results that keep you wanting to continue. Very few people will stick with a diet and resist it when they are not rewarded with results. So yes, glycemic consideration helps. And I’m a big believer in that, so much so that in the early stages of the diet I was never without ketone strips to make sure this diet was doing its job and putting me in ketosis.

What I think is the real secret of the Nutrisystem (and for those who lose a lot of weight with it 🙂 As I hope you can see, I really appreciate the low amount of carbs in these foods, but I think the real key to this diet lies a little deeper. I think the real secret to success with this diet is for the manufacturer to understand the psychological obstacles dieters face. The company seems to really understand the realities that no one wants to talk about.

What I mean by this are things like this: I am inherently lazy. I don’t want to have to “work” too hard to get results. Yes, I am willing to change what I eat a bit. I know that I will not eat my favorite foods every day at every meal. But, I can’t deny that I want to enjoy what I’m eating. I want to be able to wait for a meal once in a while. And I don’t want to be kept away from foods and desserts that I really enjoy. I mean, I don’t want to have to say goodbye to hamburgers and chocolate cake forever.

I also don’t want to be a gourmet cook. It shouldn’t be hard to think of foods that will help me lose weight. I remember trying to learn how to make an almond crusted cheesecake for the zone diet. The cake was good, but it took me about two hours to make and I knew when I was enjoying it that I would never go to that effort again. Working that hard is simply not sustainable in any length of time.

The company seems to understand this because they do most of the work for you. They provide most of the food you will consume. They have already counted the sugars, carbohydrates, proteins and calories. They have made a list of everything so you don’t have to guess when, how or what to eat. They have provided free advice that just requires you to log into your computer or pick up your phone to use it. In short, they anticipated every objection or difficulty you might have and removed or fully addressed it.

Finally, if I had to define what I do that I would classify as my “secrets”, it would be just a few things. For me, the real key to all of this is making good food choices. (I always go with the custom package so I can choose what I want.) I know that as long as I’m happily eating the food, I won’t be tempted to go off my regimen. And, sure, the Nutrisystem pizza, burgers, and chocolate aren’t exactly what I’d be eating off the diet, but they’re passable, taste pretty good, and mean my jeans keep getting smaller. I still buy ketone strips because this lets me know that I will be held accountable when I cheat.

And it finally crossed my mind that working out even a little bit was going to make this go so much faster. I will never love the gym and probably never will. So, I accept this about myself in the same way that I accept my laziness to cook. Instead, I just go for a brisk walk after dinner or walk home from my son’s school after dropping him off. It’s five miles and it was hard at first, but now I enjoy this and recharge my MP3 every weekend in advance for the next week.

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