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The PLAYBACK MENU setting of the Nikon D3400 on this Nikon DSLR

This is an article on the Nikon D3400 PLAYBACK MENU and the RECENT SETTINGS MENU. The reason I put those two together is that they are both relatively short and therefore easy to put them in one article. The playback menu controls how the camera stores and watches the photos or videos it has taken. So if we enter the PLAYBACK MENU of the Nikon D3400 the first option is to delete. Now of course you have the delete button at the bottom of the camera in the bottom right at the back, so it’s just a different way to access that option. The bottom one is the playback folder. This allows you to assign the folder that is on the SD memory card that the camera shows you when you press the play button. When you put in the SD card and format it, a folder will be created for all images and videos to go to that folder. Once you have created 999 files, be it images or videos or edited images going back to that folder, a new folder is automatically created and thus this is the point where you decide which folder you want to select when you hit play. . This is worth knowing because at some point a little later your card possibly creates another folder and then you find that you can’t access the images that you thought you could. The options here are to view all images, and they will be in chronological or numerical order, or you can assign certain folders so that you can view them from specific folders. I usually leave it on because it’s easier, but sometimes it can be easier to view from a specific folder, if you want to see a specific session or specific vacation photos then that’s one way to go.

The next option on the Nikon D3400 PLAYBACK MENU is the PLAYBACK SCREEN OPTIONS. These are really useful and allow you to see the data surrounding that image on the Liveview screen. It will show you histograms, both tonal and RGB histograms, and other shooting data. It’s very, very useful, especially since in the days of the movies you would have had a notebook and written all this down. I would have shot and written down the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and various other items that were important to that image so that I could remember how you did it so you could do it again. Here the data is attached to the image and you can access that data by choosing the PLAYBACK SCREEN OPTIONS and here I would recommend that you mark the RGB histogram so that the shooting data is marked and the overview is marked. The highlights are less important, that only shows you the areas where there is essentially no data; in other words, it is bright white. That can be helpful, but not as useful as the other three.

The IMAGE REVIEW OPTION in the Nikon D3400’s PLAYBACK MENU refers to the option of having the image appear on the rear screen after it is taken. I tend to shoot single frames, so having that review on the back can be quite useful, which is why I tend to leave it on. However, if you are going to photograph sports or something that is happening very fast in front of you, then there is no real need and you should be aware that battery power is needed.

The AUTO IMAGE ROTATION and ROTATE HIGH that I leave on and the reason I do it is because they refer to when taking a portrait photo like this. When you review it again, either on the back screen here or on a computer, it will rotate the image so that it is in the correct shape when you are looking at it on a horizontal screen. It’s useful, it’s only worth turning it on and off because there’s no reason to change that once you’ve done it once.

SLIDE SHOW in the Nikon D3400 PLAYBACK MENU gives you the option of viewing the images on the rear screen as a slide show. I think this is probably one of those things that you will never use, but it is an option. You can go in and you can select the images you want to see and also the interval between frame changes. It is useful? I do not think. I suppose you could run it if you connect an HDMI cable to this and have it on a TV screen. It’s a way to review your photos or show them to other people more easily, but I don’t see much point in it beyond that.

RATE AGAIN is an option that allows you to enter the camera and rate your images. It has a star above it so you can know which images you selected at the moment that you think are the best images. Again, to be honest, I would recommend looking at your images on a larger screen. It is not something that I would use, but it is an option that is there for you. Finally the option to select images to send to your smart device. You can send each photo you take to your smart device, or you can choose to select the image that you send to your smart device.

So those are the options in the playback menu and if we go down quickly now at the end and take a look at the RECENT SETTINGS MENU. Now this in a sense is not a menu in itself, it is not something the camera has provided you with. There are no options here unless you put them there or select them from other menus. These are the recent settings, the things you have recently looked at and changed. I think it has a limited value, but it can be useful if you change your camera settings so that you want to shoot something specific, you may want to shoot something, for example with a specific white balance, or you may want to choose a particular image . style something like that, that means it has changed things on the menus. Then you can go back to the recent settings at the end of that session and you have a list of the things that you have changed that you can change again later. I’d say it’s probably the most useful thing it can be. The reason I don’t think it’s terribly useful is that it only has eight of the 20 options on the screen, so when you’re in recent settings you find yourself scrolling down the page in exactly the same way you would if you were in any of the other menus looking for the setting in its original place. So it’s limited in value, but it’s there, it can be useful, sometimes it’s worth checking out if you’re not quite sure what you may have inadvertently changed or seen and changed. So these are the settings in the Nikon D3400 PLAYBACK MENU.

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