Thomas Carmoy, Isaac Kimeli and the Belgian Tornados … A fiery Sunday to end in style at the Euro in indoor athletics?

Thomas Carmoy and the Belgian Tornados engaged in the medal race.

The alarm clock will ring early this Sunday for Thomas Carmoy, who will play at 11:25 am in the high jump final. The European junior champion will have absolutely nothing to lose against Tamberi (2.38m), Nedasekay (2.34) and Przybylko (2.30), the three opponents having a record higher than his, that is – i.e. a 2.28m mark that he shares with the Ukrainian Nikitin, while Glebauskas (2.27m), Potye (2.26m) and Jankovics (2.24m) obviously do not intend to make any figuration.


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