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Two cannot be stopped: Klaus Eberhartinger and Rainer Schönfelder present the new PULS 4 show “SHOW YOUR TALENT”

The new primetime program “SHOW YOUR TALENT – This is not a casting show” starts on April 12th every Monday at 8:15 pm on PULS 4.

Vienna (OTS) At the “Made in Austria” talent battle, who has the right feeling for what inspires Austrians most? Is it Marcus the chainsaw juggler or is it competitor Stefan who juggles bottles and glasses as a bartender? Who will emerge victorious from the Gstanzl three-way battle: Insurance specialist Wolferl, wedding lady Renate or elementary school teacher Benedikt? The answers will be available from April 12th on PULS 4 at “SHOW YOUR TALENT”.

In the TV hit “The Masked Singer Austria”, both of them demonstrated their talent for entertainment. Now they stand in front of the camera as a moderator duo for PULS 4: EAV front man and “Wildschwein” Klaus Eberhartinger moderated together with the former ski ace, “Karpfen-Diva” and Ratefuchs Rainer Schönfelder the new primetime show “SHOW YOUR TALENT – This is not a casting show!”. From Monday April 12th The question arises with them, which candidates in the talent battle “Made in Austria” have the right feeling for what inspires the Austrians in front of the TV.

The moderator duo knows exactly what constitutes good entertainment: A suitable performance is part of one’s own talent, entertaining and aptly suited to the needs of the audience. Because “SHOW YOUR TALENT” is by no means a casting show. The challenge is: The candidates are not only allowed to prove their talent, but must also be able to correctly assess how much their performance is worth to the audience compared to their competition. Because no jury, no panel, but the viewers themselves evaluate the performances. If you are right in the talent battle, you have the chance of winning a hefty amount of money.

“Austria is full of great talent and ‘Show Your Talent’ offers the perfect stage for this. It’s going to be a spectacle! “so Klaus Eberhartinger about the show. Also starts with a lot of anticipation Rainer Schönfelder in the new format: “In a competition you need the right amount of fighting spirit, I know that all too well. I can’t wait to see the different talents of our participants and how they will do in the ultimate battle. “

An entertaining mix of breathtaking acrobats, singing bodybuilders, nerve-wracking chainsaw and bottle jugglers, creative cake artists or humorous comedy performances is guaranteed. “SHOW YOUR TALENT” from April 12th on PULS 4, the most colorful and entertaining talent battle in Austria.

The new PULS 4 show is produced by 4Entertainment and Sandrats Media Company and will be available exclusively on PULS 4 every Monday at 8:15 p.m. from April 12, 2021

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