Types of commercial signs

These signs are what identify and / or advertise a business enterprise along with the business name, location, hours of operation, and more. It can also be one found within the business listing customer policies, a menu, product prices, etc. There are many different types of business signs, such as the monument, channel letters, tower, billboard, and Electronic Message Center (EMC).

Channel letters

These are considered business signs, but each letter on the sign is separate, illuminated, and has a three-dimensional shape. A common form of these types of business signs is the letters you see on top of the exterior wall of a hotel spelling out your name. Usually as part of this business sign there will be a separate logo symbol. You can also see this type of sign above the entrance of a business, such as a club or restaurant. It may also be hanging from the side of the commercial building.


These signs are generally tall and can be seen from the road, making them visible to drivers. It can have the name of a single company or list many companies. An example of a multi-listing tower business sign would be one that lists businesses that are located in the same mall. There are some of these commercial signs that have a board where the owner can place advertising letters for sales announcements or special restaurant advertising promotions.


These are signs that are low and close to the ground. It is usually placed at the entrance of a company, business or factory, or in the parking lot. The basis for these signs can range from synthetic materials to stone and concrete. You can even see letters that have been placed directly on a large stone to create unique monument trade signs. Around the stone sign you can see a landscape design of plants and flowers.


These posters are very large and often have eye-catching graphics. Many areas now have requirements, including height requirements, for billboards on major interstate highways due to their potential to distract drivers trying to read them. A requirement in addition to how tall they can be is how far they must be from the road or highway.

Electron Message Center

These commercial signs are a new technology that offers businesses the ability to easily change messages and a wide range of colors. Some of these signs may only show the time and temperature, or they could have a scroll of moving messages, like things on sale at the business, along with colorful images.

These are just a few of the many types of business signs that can be used to promote your business.

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