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The bewilderment of today’s public, where millions languish in despair waiting for the government to come to their aid, are continually left to fend for themselves. The trust that the public had in the government has long since disappeared. What is happening in the US And what is most relevant in Texas are the results of what happens, is happening, and will happen when the government does not serve the public. This trend continues to create more animosity, suffering, and deterioration in our democracy. The discord, division and frankly combative attitude that has spread from the public to the corridors of Washington are now almost impossible to extinguish.

There have been periods of combative politics in the past, but never at the levels we are seeing today. When the world and this nation are plagued by an internal crisis in which nations have acted unilaterally with decisive action, the United States continues to lag behind in all aspects of helping its ailing populations. This is no more obvious than what is happening now in Washington.

We have had politicians who promised immediate help to the American public before and every time, only to wake up to find that they were blatantly lying. No help, just procrastination. And what happens on so many occasions when the aid that finally arrives is too little and too late. Today, when the country is in dire straits, what does Congress do? They go on vacation. When the state of Texas needs help, elected officials point out who to blame.

It all comes down to the wheels of government being clogged by the corruption that has infested the corridors of capitals. When there is any degree of corruption in government, there can be no authentic government. Democratic principles die replaced by the rule of tyranny. This is the future of the United States if we do not recognize what is really happening within our political system.

For too long, the American citizen has been at the mercy of the government. A government that acts with impunity, with no real regard for the true well-being of the people it is supposed to serve. If there were a genuine determination to bring help to those untold millions of suffering Americans, there would not be such an enormous state of discouragement, anguish and suffering throughout the country. The aid, the latest proposed stimulus bill, and recurring financial assistance would have happened to restore faith in our government, bring economic stability to millions of Americans, and restore balance to our society.

Sad, to say nothing of what is happening right now. And what will eventually happen when the wheels of corrupt government roll will only prove once again that when elected officials act, the results are what we are seeing today. There have been more homeless people, more hunger, more people without health care, more foreclosures and, in essence, a very unstable economy for too long. There is no balance in our society today, just an impoverished majority. These are the results of what has happened to America when our entire political process goes haywire. Where the influence of money dictates what elected officials do or do not do is the reality of what is happening. The staggering cost of lives and livelihoods lost in the past year alone is testimony to a government that has become so ineffective in solving the many pressing crises of our time.

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