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Xbox 360 gaming industry: big budget titles

Since the launch of Xbox 360, there are no cheap titles. Each development studio spends thousands of dollars for a single game project. Which now makes video games a more acceptable source of entertainment alongside movies and television. Not only has it given consumers something else to spend their money on, but it has also given jobs to many young computer and tech savvy people. Now there is more demand for jobs like game programming, development, art design, and game testing.

It can be difficult for some to conceive why video games are such a multibillion dollar industry and how they rack up budgets sometimes more than movies. It’s not the days of one-man-made video games anymore, unless you count the little minigames in Popcap. The creation of a game is very complicated and requires many professions for a product to sell more than a million copies. Game studios have to hire sound effects professionals to build realistic sound management. They have to hire testers who sit and play for hours looking for mistakes or bad coding. Some studios go so far as to hire live actors to speak the voice parts of the characters like in an animated movie. Not only that, but in addition to the game, the publisher also hires advertisers, managers, and advertising companies so that his “product” gets enough sales to constitute his hard work. But specifically, there are some games that stand out as the biggest budget games on Xbox 360.

Halo is becoming almost as recognizable a name as the Mario name. The game has a legacy for the best multiplayer game since Goldeneye. The latest installment in the franchise offers all the aspects that Halo fans wanted from the new game. It also sold millions of copies in its first week at $ 60.00 each, due to its seemingly endless features and to cater to its fans.

Gears of War may not revolutionize any gameplay mechanics, but it definitely revolutionized the way we view games today. The game was presented with the most realistic graphics that we have ever seen. Taking the Unreal engine (the system the game was made with) to new heights and setting the bar very high in game development.

In addition to the game’s budgets based on graphics and game features, another great game came out spending thousands on its production values. Mass Effect is an RPG that allows any player to feel interpersonal connections with the characters. The game allows you to speak and behave the way you want, with each character voiced along the way. It is really worth the money in the eyes of most players.

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