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Xbox vs. PS2 game consoles

There has been a lot of debate about the two most popular game consoles currently on the market: PlayStation 2 (PS2) and Xbox. PS2 is a Sony product, while Xbox is owned by software giant Microsoft. Many different people have worked with these gambling systems inside and out, trying to determine which system provides the best return for their hard earned gambling money. Here we take a look at each gaming system and compare the specs and performance of each. We will try to answer that old question: which is the best gaming system, Xbox or PS2?

You can take a look at a table that compares the hardware specifications here.

There are plenty of specs in addition to those listed above, but these should give you an idea of ​​how close these two game consoles really are. If you’re looking for sheer processing power and graphics capabilities, the Xbox seems to have a slight edge. Also, it’s nice to have its computer-like features like a built-in hard drive. With the PS2 you must buy a memory card if you run out of storage space. When comparing raw power and additional features, the Xbox wins, but you have to keep in mind that the PS2 was released first and there are additional things to consider besides the system specs.

What about multiplayer capabilities?

Both the Xbox and the PS2 are multi-player capable. You can connect a series of both consoles so that you and your friends can play together at the same time. The Xbox can be connected via a home LAN system, just like your home computers (here’s another example of how the Xbox is more like a specialized gaming computer). The PS2 can be connected using a link cable, not a LAN. This system can be cost prohibitive for some players, as you must have multiple consoles, separate televisions for each, and multiple copies of the same game (yes, that’s expensive).

Of course, you can always ditch the local network and play over the Internet. Both PS2 and Xbox allow you to play online against a random variety of opponents. Xbox uses Xbox live, a fairly well-supported online gaming network. The PS2 network is not as popular as the Xbox Live, but it works quite well anyway. If you really like multiplayer, it seems that Xbox is probably the best console for you.

Xbox games vs. PS2 games

When deciding which of these two game consoles is better for you, you need to consider what kinds of games each offers and which games you are most interested in playing. PS2, which has been around a bit longer, tends to have the largest game library, but Xbox is not far behind. Additionally, Xbox tends to produce games geared more toward adults than children. The graphics seen in new Xbox games are also clearly a step ahead of the PS2 graphics. However, there is almost a PS2 game for everyone, and there are plenty of PS2 games geared towards teenagers. If you’re looking for games for kids, the Nintendo Gamecube may be a better option than either of these two, and it’s cheaper.

Other considerations

Some other things you can consider when comparing PS2 and Xbox is the controller provided by each. These may not seem like a big factor at first glance, but people tend to prefer one type of controller over the other. Xbox controllers tend to be a bit larger than PS2 controllers, mainly because Xbox is designed with older gamers in mind. You can always buy a converter to make one game console controller work with another.

As for the price, the PS2 is usually cheaper than the Xbox. At the time of this writing (December 2004), PS2 retails for around $ 150 and Xbox $ 100. Game prices are very similar for both game systems, and most new games cost between $ 30 and $ 50.

The bottom line is that the PS2 is a bit older than the Xbox and intended for a younger audience. If you’re buying this console for a teenager, the PS2 may be your best option – they have more games, the console is cheaper, and the games are more appropriate for that age group. The Xbox is a bit more expensive, has fewer games, but it beats the PS2 and has more adult games.

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